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According to United Name Change Policy, commuters are eligible to make minor changes to the name on their tickets. United Airlines allows minor modifications to a commuter’s name on their ticket to ensure that their name matches the government-provided ID or passport.

However, you cannot transfer a ticket from one person to another. Changing the commuter’s name with United is impossible. Suppose any commuter requests to change the name on the ticket under United Name Change Policy. Also, United Airlines will not allow you to change your ticket name with any other person instead of modifying the name.

Moreover, you must be careful of some crucial procedures for making changes to your name by yourself, then visit the official website of United Airlines. Moreover, if you want to know more about the current scenario of name modification, read the blog below.

United Name Change: Process and Rules

Process and Rules United Name Change

United Name Change Policy, you cannot modify the entire name or transfer it to someone else. However, you only can change the misspelled alphabets. Read the below points to know more.

  • If United Airlines run the Flight, you are only allowed to modify the commuter’s name.
  • You can modify your name for the trip portion run by United Airlines if you purchase the ticket by using a shared code.
  • Moreover, United Airlines allows you to re-print your ticket without paying additional charges after the modifications in the commuter’s name.
  • You must pay the fee for the changes or any significant additional name modification on your current booking with United Airlines.
  • Also, you cannot make any kind of modifications to the travel fare, class, date, or time under United Airlines Policy.
  • In any of the scenarios, it is impossible to change the commuter’s bourn date or gender under the United Airlines Name Change Policy.
  • Additionally, if you want to make changes in the date of birth, then only minor changes are allowed if you booked your Flight incorrectly.
  • You can only make one modification to your booking before you have to pay a heavy penalty and suffer with paperwork for any additional adjustment with United Airlines.

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United Name Changes: What are the Fares for Adjustment?

If you want to make any modifications to your name or want any kind of adjustments, then review the points given below:

  • The charges are roughly $75 if you want modification in your name within 1 day of your ticket purchase with United.
  • Therefore, if you request changes after 24 hours of your ticket purchase, then you need to pay $100 or $200 per way.

Now, you already know a few limitations United Airlines has for modifications. You have to know about the terms to avoid the charges for adjustment in your name. However, if you face any technical difficulty in making changes in your name, then you can call the customer support of United Airlines.

United Name Changes: What are the Guidelines for Changes?

Guidelines for united  name Change
  • Visit the official website of United Airlines.
  • Select manage my bookings.
  • Now, select “New Name” and then change the commuter’s name.
  •  Now, look at the manage my booking option to make changes to your ticket.
  • Select the “change flight” option and enter the commuters and ticket number.
  • After completing the following process, move on to the page with the reservation information.
  • Also, Select the edit tab to make any modification in your name.
  • However, All the above mention points are to make changes in name only.
  • Also, you can do this process online, and the necessary modification will update accordingly in your ticket. In addition, if possible, you must visit the ticket office directly for the change.
  • However, the process is easy to make changes to your name. Therefore, if you modify it within 24 hours, you don’t need to pay additional charges.

What are the modification methods?

There are three different classifications to make changes to your name. United Airlines ensures that commuters will not face any type of difficulties during travel. One method is different from another process because it contains documents like affidavits. However, the other two are made for commuters’ convenience.

Method 1: Changes to the Simple Name

  • United Airlines will change the booking if the commuter’s name appears incorrectly on the ticket. However, no need to submit official documents if you want to make minor changes.
  • Before significant name changes can be affected, the following extra compensation should be addressed.
  • Only if a minor change is needed in surname, then only it is allowed to make changes in spelling.
  • It is necessary to alter prefixes to make the quick modification.
  • Correction in the name (first or middle) or drop them together.

Method 2: Significant modification in Name

In case of marriage or divorce, you must tell another party about your changed name. The data must be necessary to modify under the rules controlling name modification. Making essential adjustments is much more complicated than making slight changes. However, to make the changes, some documents are necessary.

Few Additional Information to keep in mind

  • One life incident that may lead to a change of name is divorce. Therefore, you need to show the papers of separation to accomplish that.
  • Also, your marriage certificate is necessary to legalize the name change.
  • However, in the above cases, you must need both the documents, the Old ID and the New ID.

Method 3: Affidavit with Alter Name

According to United’s Policy, a service for modification in a commuter’s name is the solution to the affidavit with the new name. Under some circumstances, you don’t need to give documents, as mentioned in the above statement. Then after you get the option to generate an affidavit, this paper is necessary at the time of modification. Also, you can use this paper as a copy of your Photo ID.

Frequently Asked Questions About United Name Change Policy

How to request changes in my name with United Airlines?

Visit the official website of United Airlines or contact customer support to make the changes. Therefore, read the above blog to know more.

What are the charges for modification under United Name Change Policy?

If a commuter requests to make changes in their name before 2 hours of their flight departure, then they need to pay $200. However, if the commuters request to make modifications in name within 24 hours of ticket purchase, then the fee is $75.

Can I change my Name to Someone else with United Airlines?

No, you cannot. United Airlines doesn’t allow to do such kind of changes. However, only minor changes are acceptable, like changing in misspelled alphabets.

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