Do you know, Ibrahim Hamadtou? This armless man is crossing all the levels in his Ping Pong game

Egyptian table tennis player Ibrahim Hamadtou has been armed since a train accident at the age of 10. His performance speaks well about his practice and passion for the game. Dig into the blog to know more

The Highs and Lows of Olympics

Last Friday, the Tokyo Olympics got off to a rocky start on NBC, with an initial service down 35% in absolute viewers compared to the 2016 opening shot to the Rio de Janeiro Summer Games, which was an all-time low in viewership. After a week, we have six evenings of Nielsen data that give us a better idea of overall interest in NBC’s Tokyo Olympics coverage.

Olympics: why no longer all-new sports activities will go back at Paris 2024

Five years in the past, the selection to include these sports was made by the International Olympics Committee (IOC) to appeal to the youngsters. For the host state, Japan, these sports activities have been also extraordinarily relevant to them. Baseball is Japan’s biggest game, karate is a conventional favorite and skateboarding is popular among younger humans.

Are you intrigued to know the most memorable moment of the Tokyo 2021 Olympics?

The Tokyo Summer Olympics is a collection of the most memorable moments from one of the most iconic games in recent history. Dig into the blog to more.

Katie Nageotte Honours Her Late Dad with Her Shoes

Katie Nageotte, a Team USA shaft vaulter, took off to gold on Thursday, and her late dad was by her side the whole time. To honour her father, Mark, who died of respiratory failure when she was only 16, the Ohio native writes ‘Father’ on the instep of her spikes and taps them before a match.

Do you know what all Simone Biles is facing? Let’s see her journey

To the people criticizing and questioning Simone Biles’ priorities. We have something for you to read and understand

Men’s High Jump Winners Share the Gold Medal

Mutaz Barshim of Qatar and Gianmarco Tamberi of Italy were picked in a matter of minutes to share an Olympic gold in the men’s high jump at the Tokyo Games on Sunday, and the world watched in awe

Teenager Athing Mu is the first American woman to win Olympic 800m gold since 1968

Rogers, who came in having gained silver at the 2019 World Championships, become despite the fact that in tears at her bronze fulfillment and deliberating her mom Rhonda Hunt, lower back home in Houston. It’s Hunt’s birthday, and her daughter could be bringing her a sparkly gift.

Do you know how much has Caeleb Dressel Made from Olympic Gold Medals?

Caeleb Dressel, the two-time Olympic swimmer who competed in the Tokyo 2020 games, was able to win five gold medals in the events that he won. Dig into the blog to know more about the event and the winner.

Fairness vs. inclusion: Is the IOC’s new transition rules a fair compromise?

The Tokyo Olympics in 2020 will be the next to occur, and the International Olympic Committee has promised a new transgender participation policy. Dig into the blog to know more.