Comeback of the Dreaded Ministry of Vice and Virtue

All high roles have been awarded to significant pioneers in the development and the Pakistan-linked Haqqani organization – the Taliban’s most ruthless faction infamous for annihilating self-destruction attacks.

ISIS Takes Credit for US Marines Killed in Kabul Explosion

Following Thursday’s self-destruction bomb attack on a Kabul air terminal, U.S. military officers vowed to hunt out the Islamic State’s leaders, vowing to exact vengeance on the long-time U.S. foe for the deaths of many Afghans and U.S. personnel. The Islamic State terrorist group (ISIS) has claimed credit for a deadly attack that killed at least twelve U.S. military personnel and a handful of Afghans in what was supposed to be the last days of the U.S. pullout from Afghanistan.

Biden Delays the Withdrawal of U.S. citizens from Afghanistan

With coordination and conditions at the Kabul international airport deteriorating, President Biden is scheduled to meet with a group of partners on Tuesday to discuss the possibility of extending the August 31 deadline for withdrawal from Afghanistan in the next eight days.


Our eco-system is made from interdependent animals and plants which represent a complicated web of life. This kind of life on earth, the biodiversity that capabilities several interactions many of the species, is maximum vital to the lifestyles of our planet and, particularly, of humanity. Thus, certainly, the extinction of an unmarried species might also affect the complete biological device relating to lifestyles and dwelling matters.
Unfortunately, the incorrect interventions of human beings in nature are pushing numerous relating to species inside the atmosphere to the threshold of extinction.

Rоаdside zоо eleрhаnts suffered fоr yeаrs befоre dying, new reсоrds reveаl

Kаren  аnd  Beulаh,  twо  eleрhаnts  with  the  Соmmerfоrd  Zоо,  а  Соnneсtiсut-bаsed  trаveling  аnimаl  fасility,  suffered  fоr  severаl  yeаrs  befоre  their  deаths  in  2019,  ассоrding  tо  newly  оbtаined  reсоrds  frоm  the …

Which is the new ocean that has been added to the list of the world’s oceans?

On World Ocean’s day, the national geographic team added a new ocean to the other four oceans. Let’s dig into the blog and understand which is the pristine ocean and why it is added.

Gray whale sets a world record by swimming halfway across the world

A male gray whale, approximately 40 feet long, has made a record. The research states that it is related directly to the endangered western gray whales in the Northern Pacific Ocean. It was found near the Namibia coast, and around 200 of these are left in the world

ANOTHER DRY YEAR FOR WESTERN US? Water stricken area now headed towards megadrought crises.

Just about each indicator of drought is flashing red throughout the western U.S. After a dry winter and heat early spring. The snowpack is at much less than half of…

The future of the Plastic Waste Crisis is in the hands of 20 Companies

Surrounded by plastics at every corner we see, we live in a plastic world. Twenty companies in the world generate 55 per cent of the total plastic waste the world produces. What are these companies planning matters for the world? Will they start making alternatives, or will we see the planet dying under a plastic waste pile?