Complete Information about Delta Airlines Seat Selection

If you don’t get the seat of your choice on a scheduled flight, it may be a nightmare. Some of us enjoy napping on the aisle side, while others enjoy the view of the clouds. The main point is that the majority of us enjoy sitting in our preferred seats. Delta Airlines is the finest low-cost carrier if you are flying with one of the American airlines. The question that arises here is Can you book your preferred seat on a low-cost flight? Fortunately, you can. Delta Airlines seat selection allows you to select your seat. It makes sense, given that determining how and when to select your Delta seat may rapidly become confusing given the different privileges offered to first-class members and the severe limitations on tickets purchased in basic economy.

Now you may ask how do you select a seat with Delta Airlines? Let’s look at the policies and procedures for choosing a seat on Delta Airlines in detail.

What are the Policies of Delta Airlines Seat Selection?

On its aircraft, Delta offers a range of classes such as first-class cabins, Premium Select, including economy and Delta One.

olicies of Delta Airlines Seat Selection

Let’s check out the Delta Seat Selection Policy before going to the rules and regulations.

  • According to Delta Airlines Seat selection policy, Delta Airlines gives you the option to choose the seats you want. And don’t worry if you neglected to select a seat while booking a ticket with Delta; the airline will assign you a seat at random at the time of check-in.
  • Basic Economy seat selection is always based on availability. Therefore, the airline will simply choose whether or not you will be seated close to your friend.
  • Seven days before the scheduled departure of the aircraft, you may have the best options for seats.

 Types of Tickets Available in Delta Airlines

How much does Delta Airlines charge for seat selection? Whether you choose a main cabin,  Premium Select, Basic Economy,  Delta, or first class, One ticket will determine how much it will cost.

Basic Economy

In Delta Airlines Seat selection the biggest restrictions are applying basic economy tickets out of all Delta flights. Basic economy ticket holders will not be able to choose their seats, instead, following check-in, each traveler will be given a seat that has been selected at random. Families and groups traveling together can anticipate being split up when purchasing a basic economy ticket.

Starting seven days prior to travel, you can purchase a specific seat when you secure a basic economy ticket. The cost of this varies by route and is charged for each seat.

Main Cabin

Regular economy, commonly known as main cabin seating, offers free seat selection. Also, you have the choice to upgrade to preferred or Delta Comfort Plus seats in the main cabin while still traveling in economy. 

Additionally, upgraded economy tickets with better seat options are available for purchase:

  • Main Cabin Preferred: – Preferred seats perform the same functions as standard main cabin seats. Main Cabin seats are often window and aisle seats closer to the front of the plane, as well as escape rows. This is the distinction between the two seating classes. These are the most affordable alternatives to economy seating.
  • Comfort Plus: – A Delta Comfort Plus ticket can be booked directly while making a reservation, and the cost includes seat preference. A seat in the main cabin costs less than an upgrade. In comparison to the main cabin, Comfort Plus offers customers small cupboards and additional legroom. Additionally, all domestic and short-haul foreign flights will offer complimentary beer and wine to Comfort Plus passengers.

Premium Select  

With wider seats and improved recline, premium amenities, earlier boarding, and two free checked bags, Premium Select is Delta’s premium economy. Any seat in the cabin is available to Premium Select customers without charging an additional price.

First Class and Delta one  

Holders of first-class and Delta One ticket are free to select any seat inside their cabin. These spacious seats include priority boarding, two complimentary bags, meals and snacks, and a personal flight attendant.

Steps of Online Seat Selection

  • First, visit the official website of Delta Airlines.
  • The second step is to enter your login information and access your verified Delta account.
  • Afterward, you need to enter the name of the place you wish to travel to.
  • Next, choose the best Delta flight for your needs and price range.
  • After that, you must enter all the necessary information.
  • You have now arrived at a screen where you can choose the seats for your Delta journey.
  • Examine the flight seat chart and choose your preferred positions.
  • And finally, in order to finish the seat selection process, you must pay for your airline ticket.

Steps of Offline Seat Selection

  • To start the offline Delta Airlines seat selection process, contact them at 800-221-1212 or +1(888) 750-8363.
  • Second, pay close attention to the automated IVR voice.
  • Follow the IVR to connect with a real Delta person and press the appropriate key.
  • Once you are connected to a Delta live agent, you must state your chosen seat option as well as the name of your preferred destination.
  • The rest of the procedures will be done by the Delta representative.
  • You will soon get an email from Delta Airlines confirming your preferred seat choice.

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Delta Seat Selection Fee

As previously indicated, seven days before the flight’s departure, Delta sells seats to its customers. To choose the seats you want on Delta Airlines, check into your reservation.

Delta charges between $70 and $80 for round-trip main cabin seat assignments. If you want to receive them for free on a Delta flight, book your desired seat in advance.

Delta occupies a middle ground, charging an average of $15 or more for each flight for which you’d like to choose a seat. Depending on the type of airline ticket you purchase, the price may change.

Here are a few of the top informational terms that can assist you the best:

  • On Delta Airlines, the charge for choosing a seat is $10.
  • Additionally, the Delta Airlines seat selection cost is subject to daily adjustment. You must therefore stay current with the new Delta Airlines seat price list.
  • For a better understanding of its seat selection fees, you should also understand Delta Airlines seat selection policy.

FAQs about Delta Airlines Seat Selection

 How is the Seat Assignment done on Delta?

After check-in for your flight, you will not get a seat allotment. Your seat will be assigned at the gate before you board if it does not appear on your boarding pass.

Can one choose a seat before check-in?

If you don’t have a seat yet, you’ll get one during check-in or at the gate. Some airlines give the impression that you must (or at the very least should) choose a seat during check-in.

Can Delta let you choose your seats?

When making a reservation in My Trips or at check-in, you can view, choose, or modify your seat on our seat map.

Can you choose your seats in the main cabin of Delta?

The standard economy seats in the main cabin are in the back of the aircraft, behind Delta Comfort Plus. The purchase of a ticket includes a seat choice.


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