What is 5G, and how could it disrupt U.S. flight?

U.S. mobile networks AT&T and Verizon have agreed to delay expanding their 5G services at some airports. After two previous delays, the service was expected to start operating elsewhere on Wednesday.

New Casco Bay Lines ferry to apply innovative, environmentally-friendly technology

In February 2021, the Casco Bay Island Transit District’s board of directors accepted the diesel-electric powered hybrid propulsion gadget design to replace the Machigonne. PORTLAND, Maine — For many people,…

US judge rejects Facebook’s request to dismiss the antitrust grievance

In a blow to Facebook, US federal decide dominated that US antitrust officials can retain their case to break up Meta, Facebook’s parent employer antitrust regulation In a blow to…

We’d Want These Phone Brands to Come Back After BlackBerry

BlackBerry’s return to the United States is a welcome change after a period in which Chinese firms dominated most significant advancements in mobile technology. However, unlike TCL, which had a massive assembly operation, OnwardMobility needed to create new assembly groups for the BlackBerry project. The final parts of the BlackBerry brand are being crushed from the cylinder.

AWS pitches unique ‘Top Secret’ province for government security agencies

Amazon Web Services announced AWS Top-Secret West, the second region dedicated to workload management at the top-secret classification level. Dig into the blog to know more about the new announcement.

What are the risks that I can avoid with removable media?

While removable media and devices are widely used for storing and transporting data, some of the features that make them available can also pose security risks. Dig into the blog to know more about it.

Mesh Network Topology: Pros and Cons For M2M Communication

These advantages and disadvantages aside, you want to appear to the utility you’re deploying if you want to decide which network topology is right in your assignment. If you’re doing a small, easy community with 10-20 nodes for something like indoor lighting fixtures, a mesh network may go for you. If you need to apply that equal quantity of nodes over a much large area, a 2. Four GHz frequency band (which is in which ZigBee operates) may be very hard, and you can become purchasing quite a few greater nodes to repeat the sign as it should be.

Chrome 96: What’s New?

Google has brought in the new Chrome update, and it comes with many features. Here we have brought the new features for you. Read the blog for more.

Here’s How Android Apps Work on Windows 11

The big takeaway from Android apps on Windows 11 is they run natively way to the Intel Bridge Technology. The days of counting on display screen mirroring and emulators to run Android apps for your PC are over. Along with Microsoft’s Your Phone apps, Windows and Android have in no way labored better collectively.

Wanna See Everything That Apple Didn’t Announce In October

The October Apple event might have missed some products to showcase.iPhone SE 3, the 2016 MacBook Pro, and everything else weren’t shown at Apple’s October event. Dig into the blog to know more.