Second Bear Run For The Stock Market since COVID

S&P 500 has fallen nearly 20% from its peak value. Second bear run for the stock market since COVID. NASDAQ is down nearly 3% after tech shares drop. Trend and Analyses of a Bear run in the stock market? How to invest in a bear market?

What happened with the cryptocurrency lender celsius?

cryptocurrency lender celsius informed its users on Monday morning that it is suspending all exchange, transfer, and withdrawal services. CEO Alex Mashinsky has asked the community to disregard those who are opposed to the pause since they have a greater strategy.

Founder of Ethereum on pseudonymous culture!!

The founder of ethereum recently entered the argument over anonymity in the crypto industry, not officially remarking on the BuzzFeed controversy. In most encounters, he said people should avoid referring to their official titles as their exact names when using a different identity.

The Omicron variant – Risk, symptoms and its reach

There are two variants of the Omicron virus. 1(original) strain and BA. 2 strain (sub-variant). It can double its impact in 2-3 days. Eighty per cent of Long COVID patients have mental fog. A five-day sore throat is an excellent place to start isolating and testing.

Is there hope for LUNA 2.0? Will they be backed by “Lunatics”? 

Luna 2.0 trading price continues to plummet even after several exchanges supported the airdrop of the new token over the weekend, KuCoin and ByBit being the first to list it, with Binance being the latest entrant. The new Terra blockchain does not include stablecoin.

How to Get Crypto Buying Power on Webull

Buying power is the amount of money that you have to trade with. It’s basically the number of funds you have in your account and determines how much you can buy or sell in a single transaction.The more buying power you have, the more trades you can make at once. If you’re trading on Webull, the higher your buying power, the better!

What is Sphere Finance Crypto?

7428 has a market cap of Sphere Finances at 0 and a 24-hour volume of $243.86. The current price of Sphere Finance for today is $0.021172; 24-hour trading volume is not available.

What are these new Baked Beans Crypto?

Baked Beans is a short but powerful smart contract that acts like a BNB prize pool. To date, Baked Beans is locked into over 2,000 BNB, and to be honest, this project is just starting to get some attention.

Which Cryptos will Explode in 2023

Which Cryptos will Explode in 2023 ? Digital assets like cryptocurrencies have obtained immense growth in the last few years, exceeding a $3 trillion market capitalisation last November. Moreover, in…

Last Year, Hackers In North Korea Stole About $400 Million In Cryptocurrency

North Korean hackers stole $395 million in cryptocurrencies last year through seven hacks into cryptocurrency exchanges and investment organizations. Here is all you need to know about.