Warriors of Aradena: High-Quality Blockchain Gaming Experience

Warriors of Aradena is an intense action strategy game where victory depends on bringing down the Commanding Warrior. To overcome their opponents on the battlefield, players can pick from thousands of warriors, a unique NFT asset owned by the player.


Which ETF is the better buy, QQQ vs VOO?

The more conservative and value-oriented of the two, QQQ vs VOO, invests in high-growth businesses. The QQQ vs. VOO comparable fund or ETF should likely be held by most investors who do not regularly track the market.


Does the US really have the highest number of Covid victims globally?

The United States is approaching one million Covid deaths, the highest officially recorded globally.

The death toll in pandemic exceeds the total counted in Countries

The organization found that nearly 15 million more people died in the first two years of the pandemic than expected in regular times. The last number of deaths from the virus, according to country reports, was six million.

How dangerous is HKU1 Covid-19 Variant?

Human respiratory coronavirus HKU1 against other coronavirus infections in hospitalized patients in Italy.

What is the XE variant, and how harmful is it?

A new variant of the COVID-19 virus has been identified, called XE. However, experts advise people not to be alarmed by this, as it is unclear yet how dangerous this variant is.