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Are you worried about better seats? Are you confused about whether you can change or upgrade Air France Flight? No worries, especially if you are traveling with Air France Flight. You may wonder, can you upgrade or change your seat? You can get some advantages after upgrading your booked seat, such as premium service on board, more comfortable seats, priority boarding, lounge access, extra baggage allowance, and more.

Flights with Air France offer a good inducement for upgrading from economy class to business class. A low-price one-way ticket fetches about 45000 points. If you want to upgrade, an economy ticket between Europe and the US you will only 15000 points.

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Some Common Guidelines to Upgrade Air France Flight Seats

Travelers can upgrade business class seats online as well as from the self-service desk.

air france upgrade to business
air france upgrade to business

The guidelines cover the following –

  • Before 30 hours of the scheduled departure, the passenger can request for upgradation till the check-in deadline.
  • The passengers flying in the Premium Economy, Economy, or Business Cabins, can only upgrade according to availability.
  • Flight upgradation is only valid for long-haul and medium-haul flights by Air France Flights.
  • The airlines try their maximum to provide the upgradation that takes place as a purchase.
  • The request for Air France upgradation is non-exchangeable, non-negotiable, and non-modifiable.
  • A refund may be acquired by the passenger who booked the flight under the following conditions:

                             -If the airline cancels the flight.

                             -If the Upgrade policy is not honored by the airlines.

Also check out the Air France cancellation policy

Methods to Upgrade Air France Flight Seats from Economy Class to Business Class

If you are having a reservation ticket, you can follow a few methods to upgrade. You should check online before going to the airport.

air france upgrade seat
air france upgrade seat

You can follow up in the below-mentioned ways-

Online Air France Upgrade

Online Services are the simplest and easiest way to apply for an upgradation.

Follow these steps to upgrade:

  • First, visit the official website of Air France and then open the Manage Booking tab.
  • Enter your booking reference.
  • Afterward, tap the search option to look at you’re booking.
  • Pick up a single flight from the provided list and apply for the upgrade offer.
  • Next, review the charges by selecting the upgrade option to upgrade to business class through miles or credit cards.

Upgrade Desk Calling

You can call the airline directly and request the flight upgradation. Telephonic services may lead you to upgrade your flight at a lower price, and it will also help you to resolve your problems soon.

Check-in counter Upgradation

If you are looking for a last-minute seat upgradation, Air France check-in counter upgradation is the best option. It might help you to upgrade your seat if seats are available. This is the way how passengers can upgrade their seats initially after booking Premium Economy or Economy, and it also lets you check in a bit early.

For last-minute seat upgradation, while checking in, you may have to pay a minimum amount of $200, according to Air France Business Class upgrade cost.

Getting a seat upgradation at the airport is a pleasurable moment for sure, especially when you are not expecting one. Surely be cordial with the representative, it can increase your chances of getting a better seat.

Cost to Upgrade Air France Flight Seats to Business Class

If you are thinking about how much you have to pay to upgrade to business class on Air France, there are two methods mentioned below.

  • Cash Upgradation.
  • Miles Upgradation.

Cash Upgradation

If you are willing to upgrade with cash, then it costs between $250 and $500 to upgrade to Business Class. This is an estimated range of tickets until 2017, when Air France Flights moved to a revenue-based system.

Nowadays, the scenario has changed, and it has been seen that passengers are paying even $1000 just to upgrade. Of course, the price varies according to the flight and available space there.

Miles Upgradation

If you are having extra Air France miles, then this is the perfect time to use them to upgrade seats. Of course, it is not going to make your upgradation free, but it will save you a good amount of money.

In order to upgrade your flight through miles, follow the below steps on the official site of Air France Flights.

  • Go to the official website of Air France.
  • Open the “Manage Travel” tab from the navigation bar.
  • Enter details such as reservation number and last name and click “Next”.
  • Tap on the required details from the flight section option when the booking details are displayed in front of you.
  • Tap on Edit Booking, open the upgrade section and choose the seat.
  •  When the fare charges are displayed, they are calculated by the difference between the previous and current booking. To pay the amount, choose ‘Pay Using Miles’, the amount will be automatically deducted from the miles account.
  • You will get confirmation on your registered mail id that you entered at the time of booking.


Can you buy an upgrade on Air France?

Yes, passengers can buy an upgrade by purchasing the Last-Minute Paid Upgrade Option as soon as the check-in process starts on which they are having confirmed the reservation.

Can we upgrade to Premium Economy on Air France?

Passengers having confirmed reservations can upgrade to the premium economy at any time after booking but before check-in.

Is Upgrade cheaper than booking a business class?

The upgrade is way cheaper than booking a business class, but sometimes you may not get an upgradation. The upgradation cost is way too lower than the booking.

Can we upgrade to first class if it’s empty?

If the first class is empty, you cannot upgrade your seat to first class. The airlines do not allow passengers to buy low-budget seats (economy class) and then make trouble the attendants for an upgrade. But if you are having a reservation in business class, you can upgrade your seat from business to first class.

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