Luna Classic – Where to Stake and How to Stake LUNC?

LUNC (Luna Coin) is a cryptocurrency that can be staked in order to receive rewards and support the security of the LUNC network. You must be thinking of, How to…

Which ETF is the better buy, QQQ vs VOO?

The more conservative and value-oriented of the two, QQQ vs VOO, invests in high-growth businesses. The QQQ vs. VOO comparable fund or ETF should likely be held by most investors who do not regularly track the market.

Robinhood Shiba Inu Burn: Prediction, Analysis & The Ecosystem 

Robinhood Shiba Inu Burn: Prediction, Analysis & The Ecosystem. Does burning crypto increase value? Will a Shiba Inu collapse?SHIB may never reach $1, but the progression ……….doubtful that SHIB will ever reach $1

Coinbase sacked 18% of employees to tackle “Crypto Winter”

Nothing remains stable in the crypto market. Everything changes in a night here. So it is foolish to say that one can fully understand the whole dynamics of cryptocurrency. The…

Second Bear Run For The Stock Market since COVID

S&P 500 has fallen nearly 20% from its peak value. Second bear run for the stock market since COVID. NASDAQ is down nearly 3% after tech shares drop. Trend and Analyses of a Bear run in the stock market? How to invest in a bear market?

Direct Sale vs Multilevel Marketing What’s the difference? Answer’s here

Direct selling is a type of non-store retailing that takes place outside of a typical store. A direct seller can be a commercial agency, a contract partner, a reseller or a distributor. Multilevel marketing is a sales method that uses a pyramid-shaped commission system.

What happened with the cryptocurrency lender celsius?

cryptocurrency lender celsius informed its users on Monday morning that it is suspending all exchange, transfer, and withdrawal services. CEO Alex Mashinsky has asked the community to disregard those who are opposed to the pause since they have a greater strategy.

Founder of Ethereum on pseudonymous culture!!

The founder of ethereum recently entered the argument over anonymity in the crypto industry, not officially remarking on the BuzzFeed controversy. In most encounters, he said people should avoid referring to their official titles as their exact names when using a different identity.

The Omicron variant – Risk, symptoms and its reach

There are two variants of the Omicron virus. 1(original) strain and BA. 2 strain (sub-variant). It can double its impact in 2-3 days. Eighty per cent of Long COVID patients have mental fog. A five-day sore throat is an excellent place to start isolating and testing.

West Nile Virus – Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

No vaccination is available for West Nile Virus. Take preventive measures to avoid the risk of getting infected by WNV. The fundamental cause of transmission of the virus is mosquito bites.