Direct Sale vs Multilevel Marketing What’s the difference? Answer’s here

Direct selling is a type of non-store retailing that takes place outside of a typical store. A direct seller can be a commercial agency, a contract partner, a reseller or a distributor. Multilevel marketing is a sales method that uses a pyramid-shaped commission system.

What happened with the cryptocurrency lender celsius?

cryptocurrency lender celsius informed its users on Monday morning that it is suspending all exchange, transfer, and withdrawal services. CEO Alex Mashinsky has asked the community to disregard those who are opposed to the pause since they have a greater strategy.

West Nile Virus – Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

No vaccination is available for West Nile Virus. Take preventive measures to avoid the risk of getting infected by WNV. The fundamental cause of transmission of the virus is mosquito bites.

Is a cure for colorectal cancer on the horizon?

Colorectal cancer is a condition in which the cells of the colon or rectum grow out of control. A study that involved 12 patients was done for colorectal cancer, responses to treatment with dostarlimab. The results were presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology 2022 annual meeting

San Francisco Bay Area Jolted by 4.1 Magnitude Earthquake

According to the US Geological Survey, a preliminary 4.1 magnitude earthquake struck near Bay Point at about 5 a.m. on Thursday. The earthquake struck northwest of Bay Point and Pittsburg.…

Philadelphia shooting three dead 11 injured!

Gunfire erupted late Saturday night in Philadelphia’s Queen Village, a well-known entertainment and nightlife destination. Many people were injured, ranging in age from 17 to 69. Restrictions applied after the incident. No pedestrians or vehicles are allowed on 6th Street from Bainbridge to Lombard.

Looking for a small business tax accountant near you?

Do you own a small scale business ? Curious about the various aspects of hiring a tax accountant ? Here is all you need to know .

Top Cryptocurrencies for Investment in 2022

Cryptocurrencies are considered digital money that is not controlled by the central system like paper currencies. It is established on blockchain technology. As digital money is gaining popularity, more options…

Do you think Dogecoin is a good investment?

You might be wondering, “How much Dogecoin should I buy?” Dogecoin is almost certainly not a good investment in the traditional sense, but that might be a reason to buy it.

Which are the best crypto to buy now?

There is no denying that the cryptocurrency market is one of the most developing markets. 2021 has been a unique year for cryptocurrencies because the crypto market has witnessed a rollercoaster ride.