TRIMEDX Biomedical Engineering Internship Opportunity!

The U.S.-based leading healthcare company TRIMEDX is offering a BioMedical Engineering Internship for scholars. The internship opportunity will boost the career of the scholars. Under the careful supervision of TRIMEDX…

Scientists argue that renaming the monkeypox virus is ‘discriminatory and stigmatising.’

Gustavo Petro is the new President of Colombia. Gustavo Petro promises ‘Real Change.’ Hernandez loses with grace. So what changed the fortune of the two-time loser? What can Colombians expect from their new President?

Warning Cigarette: Poison in every drag for smokers in Canada

Canada is on the edge of becoming the world’s first nation to impose a health warning label on every cigarette. Canada’s minister suggested that it will be “poison in every puff”. Will’ Warning Cigarette’ create an impact? 10% of Canadians were found to be smoking regularly.

All the details about the ‘5-in-1 vaccine for puppies schedule’

All the details about the ‘5-in-1 vaccine for puppies schedule’. The DHPP 5-in-1 vaccination is one injection that protects against five potentially fatal canine illnesses. Do not take your puppy for a walk after his first dose of vaccine; you risk exposing him to a serious disease that he is not ready to handle.

The Omicron variant – Risk, symptoms and its reach

There are two variants of the Omicron virus. 1(original) strain and BA. 2 strain (sub-variant). It can double its impact in 2-3 days. Eighty per cent of Long COVID patients have mental fog. A five-day sore throat is an excellent place to start isolating and testing.

West Nile Virus – Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

No vaccination is available for West Nile Virus. Take preventive measures to avoid the risk of getting infected by WNV. The fundamental cause of transmission of the virus is mosquito bites.

Is a cure for colorectal cancer on the horizon?

Colorectal cancer is a condition in which the cells of the colon or rectum grow out of control. A study that involved 12 patients was done for colorectal cancer, responses to treatment with dostarlimab. The results were presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology 2022 annual meeting


5 easy and healthy weight loss dinner recipes for each of your weeknights. From zucchini pizza to the salmon fish , we have got it all .

What are the Adaptive Health Integrations?

Adaptive Health Integrations (“AHI”) reported one of the most significant data breaches in recent months that the company was affected by a data breach that affected more than 510,574 people.

What are the Best Healthy Diet Plans?

Some Diets aim to curb appetite to reduce food intake, while others suggest limiting calorie and carbohydrate intake. Some focus on specific eating patterns and lifestyle changes rather than limiting certain foods.