COVID-19′ twindemic’ sounds higher this year is because the virus has mutated for enhanced virulence

Experts are warning that the current spike in COVID-19 cases could be followed by a falling flu season, which will strain our healthcare system even more. Scroll below to know more about how you can stay safe.

Did you know which 4 states are on the peak with their Covid cases?

As we move beyond the unofficial end of summer, the seasonal increase in COVID-19 cases appears to have slowed nationally. But, these states are still at a peak with Covid cases. Dig into the blog to know more.

Did you know? The animals staying in U.S. zoos are now getting COVID Vaccinated

Thousands of more cans are rolled out at zoos, research facilities, and sanctuaries across the United States. A brown bear gets its first vaccine on July 21. Dig into the blog to know more about animals vaccination.


INDIA- THE MAJOR COVID HIT- COUNTRY RIGHT NOW Stepping up the combat towards COVID-19, India’s Ministry of Health & Family Welfare recently declared sector-wise category of districts as hotspots (red…

Viruses are landing youngsters within the ICU this summer, but it’s now not all COVID-19

Viruses are commonly seen inside the winter, including breathing syncytial virus and croup, which are surging amongst children at the peak of the summer season.

Covid-19 Vaccines: AstraZeneca VS. Sinovac

In the United Kingdom, the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca cooperated to develop a recombinant vaccine based on a modified chimp adenovirus. Sinovac Biotech, based in China, is another up-and-comer. The Sinovac vaccine employs more traditional antibody development, relying on inactivated infectious particles to deliver an immune response. In the United States, neither of these antibodies has been approved for routine or emergency use.

Which is the new Lambda variant and what all you should know about it.

While we feared only from Covid-19, the new variants are in town. We have picked up all the information you would need to keep yourself safe and sane. Dig into the blog to know.

The vaccines don’t impact fertility- A STUDY

“There is absolutely no evidence that vaccines, and in particular the COVID-19 vaccines, impact fertility,” said Dr. Jill Rabin, an OB-GYN and professor at the Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research…

Why Unvaccinated People Are Still at High Risk of COVID-19 this Summer

Experts say the reopening of theme parks and other businesses puts unvaccinated people at higher risk of COVID-19 this summer. Experts are expressing concerns about the risks unvaccinated people are…

COVID-19 US Travel Restrictions-June Update

Total cases of Covid-19 reached across the 33 million marks in the United States via early June 2021. But with the ongoing vaccination campaign and declining prices of infection, domestic…