What are New Covid-19 Variant, ‘Omicron’ Symptoms?

A new strain of the COVID-19 virus was recently found and marked as a concern by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Omicron contains multiple mutations, so dig below to find more about it.

Vaccines, Masks, Sanitizers? Japan Puzzles Over their Success

Japan has become a remarkable and slightly inexplicable victory story for the coronavirus. Dig into the blog below to know more about the updates.

How Long Do The Pfizer And Moderna COVID-19 Shots Take To Work?

According to Moderna and Pfizer, new research has found that topical mRNA loses effectiveness after a specific time. If you are also worried, dig into the blog to know more about covid vaccines.

Potential risks of the Delta Variant vaccine for people who were vaccinated and those who weren’t

The virus affects millions of U.S. children who go to school, and the number of cases is rising among school-age children. Dig into the blog to know more about the Coronavirus U.S. updates.

Everything You Need to Know About COVID-19 Booster Shots

People within the United States vaccinated with an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine may be eligible for a booster dose 8 months after their 2nd dose, federal fitness officials introduced August 18

Which five states of the U.S. have set the highest covid-19 case record?

It’s been two years, and we are still stuck with the Covid -19 Virus. These five states of the U.S. have set the highest record of Covid-19 positive cases. Scroll down to know more

Tips to Help Children with Autism Wear Face Masks

COVID-19 has caused many adjustments in everyday existence and habits. From “sheltering in the vicinity” to social distancing to carrying a face mask, it is lots for everybody to soak up. These adjustments in ordinary can be especially challenging for youngsters with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

GUIDE: Delta variant and vaccines

Of course, numerous people can’t get the vaccine, due to the fact their physician has advised them against it for health reasons or because private logistics or difficulties have created roadblocks—or they may pick now not to get it. Will the Delta version be sufficient to inspire individuals who can get vaccinated to accomplish that? No one knows for sure, however, it’s possible, says Dr. Wilson, who encourages everybody who has questions about vaccination to speak to their family physician.

Can Covid-19 Increase the Risk of Alzheimer’s?

One study of the adults in Argentina found that following a session with the Covid, they had a remarkable number of dementia-like changes in memory and thinking for around a half year – regardless of the severity of their disease. Experts are trying to figure out why some COVID-19 survivors experience “cerebrum haze” and other difficulties that can last an extended period. New findings point to some alarming overlaps with Alzheimer’s disease.


• Many Americans are concerned about the risk the delta variant poses to the health of their unvaccinated children.
• Though cases, in general, are increasing in some areas, the percentage of hospitalizations is not increasing in children as a result of the delta variant, according to the most recent data available.
• However, experts say that, just like adults, children who have medical issues have a greater risk of complications.