The Omicron variant – Risk, symptoms and its reach

There are two variants of the Omicron virus. 1(original) strain and BA. 2 strain (sub-variant). It can double its impact in 2-3 days. Eighty per cent of Long COVID patients have mental fog. A five-day sore throat is an excellent place to start isolating and testing.

Does the US really have the highest number of Covid victims globally?

The United States is approaching one million Covid deaths, the highest officially recorded globally.

How dangerous is HKU1 Covid-19 Variant?

Human respiratory coronavirus HKU1 against other coronavirus infections in hospitalized patients in Italy.

What is the XE variant, and how harmful is it?

A new variant of the COVID-19 virus has been identified, called XE. However, experts advise people not to be alarmed by this, as it is unclear yet how dangerous this variant is.

Know about Covid BA.2 Symptoms, Protection and More

According to experts, BA.2 is more contagious than Omicron. “There are four unique mutations in the spike protein different from BA.2 and other from BA.1. Dig below into the blog to know more about its symptoms.

What do the experts say about the booster shot for Covid19?

Dr Rochelle Walensky told NBC News that there is no downside to a fourth dose now, adding that the recent omicron infection is considered a “natural push” for vaccination.

Why is Canada’s Covid dying fee so much decreased than the US?

Why is Canada’s Covid dying fee so much decreased than the US and What started as a trucker-led movement to demand the quit of a vaccine mandate has escalated to encompass all kinds of public health restrictions.

What are New Covid-19 Variant, ‘Omicron’ Symptoms?

A new strain of the COVID-19 virus was recently found and marked as a concern by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Omicron contains multiple mutations, so dig below to find more about it.

Vaccines, Masks, Sanitizers? Japan Puzzles Over their Success

Japan has become a remarkable and slightly inexplicable victory story for the coronavirus. Dig into the blog below to know more about the updates.

How Long Do The Pfizer And Moderna COVID-19 Shots Take To Work?

According to Moderna and Pfizer, new research has found that topical mRNA loses effectiveness after a specific time. If you are also worried, dig into the blog to know more about covid vaccines.