TIFF “The Wheel”: Film Review 2021

Love isn’t just happiness, brightness, and contentment. When it’s good, love may be a trip that hurts as much as it helps, especially when you try to hold on tighter as it slips away. The Wheel is a startling depiction of the anguish of love, as well as an honest look at how that connection can hurt two people who are personally and profoundly connected. Amber Midthunder, Taylor Gray, Bethany Anne Lind, and Nelson Lee star in The Wheel is directed by Steve Pink and features a screenplay by Trent Atkinson.

Did you these performance award-worthy comic book movies that did not receive an award?

Movies, a vague term, to begin with, don’t forever perceive the emotion from the honor groups. We’re not talking about technical awards here. Instead, acting awards. Dig into the blog to know more about who deserved it.

Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Kill Bill

Here we have brought a few facts about Kill Bill that you might not know, one of the Quentin Tarantino’s best movies.

Who kills who in Marvel’s episode 3 universe?

The rumors say the winter soldier kills the wasp in Marvels’s Episode 3 universe. Dig into the blog to know more about what happens in episode 3.

Are you a Streep fan? Well, we have an excellent movie list of her for you

Actress Meryl Streep is a class of her own. Not several personalities carry their own Wikipedia page for every prize they win. If you are also a Streep fan, well, this article is specially written for you. Scroll down for more info.

“The Walking Dead” Season 11 Premiere Missed Details

Last season’s premiere of “The Walking Dead” brought up a name from the past that we weren’t expecting to see again. Yumiko, Ezekiel, Princess, and Eugene are nearing the conclusion of the debut when they come across a large divider filled with images of missing individuals taken throughout the years during the zombie apocalypse. While Yumiko discovers that her sister may still be alive, keen viewers may have noticed a natural name that hasn’t been mentioned in years.

The first solo Marvel Superhero, ‘Shang-Chi’ movie is out, and that too with an Asian cast

The critics are going crazy over the fact that ‘Marvel’ has cast an Asian actor. They are calling it a ‘Triumph,’ and there is no going back now. Let’s see what they have to say. Dig into the blog to know more.

Looking for the top best war documentaries ever made? Well, we have something for you

Telling the story of war has been a challenge since ancient Greek historian Thucydides tried to portray the battle between the Greek cities of Athens and Sparta. For more such information, dig below in the blog.

Are you curious about the new Spiderman movie? Well, we have something for you

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Virgin River season four is on its way, and fans are going crazy with their questions

Netflix has not renewed Virgin River for the fourth season. Read on to learn the burning questions about a possible fourth season of Virgin River, as well as some official predictions from TVLines.