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When planning for a vacation, Lufthansa is always on mind for the premium services it offers to its flyers. Many travelers still question is lufthansa a good airline. According to the review of customers and many surveys, it is rated as a 5-star airline. And with the reviews, we believe it has the most premium services and cabin classes as compared to other airlines.

The best part is flyers get all this at a very budget-friendly deal. Passengers can book tickets from the comfort of their homes and get amazing facilities even without any add-ons.

In this blog, we will answer is lufthansa a good airline, and if yes, then why so

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Why Is Lufthansa a Good Airline

The airline has many features that Lufthansa provides to all its passengers, which other airlines might give as add-ons. The services are no doubt very premium at an affordable cost. Here are some highlights that make Lufthansa the best travel buddy.

Ground Services for Passengers In First Class

ground services for passanger in lufthansa

The ground transportation provided to First Class passengers in Frankfurt is one area where Lufthansa excels. All travel requirements are handled by a personal assistant, who also checks clients into flights and accompanies them through security. Due to the terminal’s isolated location, guests are transported from the First Class Terminal to their aircraft by limousine (a Mercedes S-Class, BMW, or Porsche Cayenne).

Restaurant In First-Class Lounges

Excellent food and ground service are available at the Lufthansa First Class lounges in Frankfurt and Munich. Due to the First Class Terminal’s isolated location, customers are transferred by limousine to their aircraft. Chefs like Harald Wohlfahrt, who is considered one of the forefathers of modern German gourmet cuisine, design Michelin-starred dishes.

A Highly Qualified Crew

Lists of the safest airlines in the world frequently include Lufthansa, which answers the doubt is lufthansa a good airline. Since 1993, there have been no fatal incidents at the firm. The typical pilot has 15 years of experience, while just 6% of those working in the cockpit are female. In the cockpits of the airlines operated by the Lufthansa Group, there are almost 10,000 pilots.


With 83.21% of its flights arriving on time, Lufthansa is among the top 10 airlines in the world when it comes to punctuality. The German airline combines data from many procedures that are important for reliable operations using artificial intelligence. The carrier does routinely notify its passengers in the event of a delay or cancellation, with ground workers and pilots providing the latest news.

The Frequent Flyers Program

With more than 30 million members, Miles&More is the largest frequent flyer reward program in Europe. On all Star Alliance airlines, as well as a number of additional airlines and non-airline partners, passengers can accrue miles. With Lufthansa, reward redemption availability is often excellent (often four Business Class tickets per cabin).

We Have Also Curated Some Benefits Flyers Get Through Lufthansa Airlines

Benefits Flyers Get Through Lufthansa


All price ranges are available on the airline. There are four classes, allowing travelers to choose the one that best fits their budget. It also offers the following features that are beneficial to your wallet:

  • The flyers are eligible to earn a mile while traveling through Lufthansa and redeem it on their next bookings, which will make a lot of difference in the overall ticket pricing
  • To get the best out of Luftnasa, flyers can choose from vacation packages, and that are the best deals that the airlines offer.


There are 220 destinations served by Lufthansa, both local and foreign. You should put your concerns to rest if you’re wondering if Lufthansa is a reliable airline for international travel. There are several airline hubs that enable all customers to have a seamless booking process. Additionally, it offers long- and short-haul flights, enabling them to purchase tickets for larger distances easily.


The safety of flyers is on high priority for Lufthansa, it makes sure commuters are comfortable during their travel and don’t face any difficulty, especially with safety issues.

Their technical team is always on their toes to make the journey smooth.

Here are some things passengers will find in the safety

  • Emergency Gates
  • Seat Belts
  • First aid kits
  • Oxygen masks
  • Mandatory sanitization and use of HEPA filters during COVID times.

Flexible policies

Sometimes our trip plans don’t work out as we had hoped. Some of them have to alter or cancel their bookings as a result. In these situations, the airline offers flexible cancellation options or allows customers to make reservations through an internet website or customer service. Additionally, you can ask the airline for a refund.

Premium services

The airline offers many in-flight amenities, including:

  • Premium meals depending on cabin classes
  • Alcoholic beverages, again depending on the class
  • Wifi
  • In-flight entertainment

Special services

The airlines has different facilities for flyers who require special assistance. Lufthansa is always ready to serve its passengers and give them the premium experience they deserve.

Here are the special services that answer “is Lufthansa a good airline”

  • Wheelchair services
  • Pet services
  • Services for pregnant women
  • Extra baggage services
  • Special seating for infants and kids below 2 years

Frequently Asked Things About Is Lufthansa A Good Airline For International Flights

Is Lufthansa the best airline?

Lufthansa is the Best International Airline winner of Travel Awaits’ 2022 Best of Travel Award. This award-winning airline is the national carrier of Germany and a 5-Star Airline, so it is no stranger to recognition.

Is Lufthansa a luxury airline?

The Explorer is a brand-new, ground-breaking cabin design for long-haul aircraft that Lufthansa has introduced. The business believes it will take 383 million euros to turn an Airbus A330 into a completely luxurious mode of transportation.

Are Lufthansa planes comfortable?

No matter how long or how short your travel is, Economy Class has comfy seats for you. Both short- and medium-haul flights have enough space. Our seating offers additional legroom so that you may spread your legs out comfortably even while traveling in Economy Class because of the narrow design of the backrests.

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