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Lufthansa change name on ticket feature allows passengers to correct their name on the flight ticket. As per the travel laws, the name should be the same on the ticket and also on government documents. Passengers often enter their names incorrectly at the time of booking. To save their ticket from cancellation, this feature is made available by the airline. There are certain rules that are essential to understand for initiating the process of the ticket name change. Some basic fees and charges are also applicable for Lufthansa change name on ticket.

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Main Highlights for Lufthansa Change Name On Ticket Policy

Lufthansa Change Name On Ticket Policy
  • Lufthansa name correction is done for tickets with LH documentation.
  • Passengers are only allowed to edit their names once.
  • Travelers cannot change the order of their first and last names.
  • Itinerary flight bookings are less likely to get approved for a name change.
  • The name change is allowed for both the first name and the surname.
  • People cannot completely change their names, which would further lead to the cancelation of their tickets.
  • Moreover, only two particular edits are allowed in total for applicable first, middle, and last names.
  • Lufthansa change passenger name should be done with the motive to match the name as per government ID such passport or DL.
  • Lufthansa name change policy is not available for group booking edits in standard regulations. However, there is a possibility that the authorities might approve it based on the severity of the purpose.
  • Valid government ID is mandatory to showcase for name change approval.

Note: Group bookings name changes are a rare reality, and in general, this policy is made for travelers with solo bookings.

What are the Types of Changes Applicable in Lufthansa Change Name On Ticket Policy?

There are various rules applicable for Lufthansa wrong name on ticket edits, It is important for travelers to understand these rules for their particular type of edit.

General Name

  • Travelers may edit their first, middle, or surname to match the original government ID.
  • Only 2 total letter edits are allowed for all 3 categories combined.


Middle Name

  • Passengers can add, eliminate and edit their middle name as per the policy.
  • If the edit is approved, their flight approval status will be positive.
  • There is an application fee for a name change.
  • In case the ticket is rescheduled, the booking will be made in the lower or higher available cabin class.
  • Passengers are liable to pay the difference.



  • Legal documentation is required for this type of name change.
  • Passengers can change their names only after showcasing legal documentation.
  • Once applicable, travelers are allowed to change their first, middle, surname, or all of them.


  • Travelers can add, change or remove a suffix/prefix from their name.
  • This edit is applicable for first, middle, and surname or for all of them.
  • A fee is also applicable for this type of name change as per the Lufthansa change name on ticket policy.
  • If approved, a reschedule will be done for the booking in the available higher or lower cabin class.

Legal Necessary

  • Some edits are necessary after certain events, such as marriage, divorce, or legal name change.
  • Moreover, these edits are allowed only after showcasing a legal affidavit for the same.
  • A certain fee is also applicable for such changes.

What is the Process for Lufthansa Change Name On Ticket?

Lufthansa change name on booking is applicable in some ways. Passengers can use the method with which they are comfortable. However, certain types of edits are only accessible online or directly at the airport, You may also check the official website to know more.

Name Change via Website

  • Visit the official website.
  • Go to the ‘manage booking’ section on the homepage.
  • Enter your details(reference number)  to check your booking.
  • Select name change in the top right corner.
  • You may edit up to two letters in total for your name.
  • Pay the applicable fee.
  • You will receive a confirmation on your registered email when you are done with the process.


Name Change via Call

lufthansa name change via call
  • Call 1-805-219-6970
  • Lufthansa name change agent will ask you for a reference number or the 13-digit ticket number.
  • The ticket number usually starts with 220.
  • Explain to the agent what edit needs to be done.
  • Pay the applicable fee and also the extra fare for rescheduling with the airline.
  • You will receive a confirmation on your registered email when you are done with the process.

Note: The information is also subject to change without any prior notice to the customers. For more information regarding the Lufthansa change name on ticket policy, visit the official website.


Is my ticket valid for a name change if it has a frequent flyer code with PNR?

Tickets with frequent flyer codes are not applicable for a name change. However, if you still want to do the name change process, you may further contact the authorities to create a new PNR.

What is the fee for a ticket name change for Lufthansa airlines?

A ticket name change can vary from $40-$200 depending on the type of name change. Moreover, name changes for third-party bookings are usually expensive.

Is it possible to do the name change of the ticket after booking?

No, as per the “Lufthansa change name on ticket policy,” name change is not applicable after the booking. Additionally, if the ticket number is given for the selected flight booking, the chances for name change approval are very less.

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