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Every traveler makes a proper travel plan before booking tickets, but circumstances may cause him to change it. Thus, Airlines offer a flexible cancelation policy, seat upgrades, and many in-flight services to keep up with travelers’ requirements. Alaska Airlines also provides transparent and adaptive policies for its passengers. It allows passengers to make necessary changes in flight itineraries before travel. Also, it has a comprehensive flight change policy. But one question that arises is whether Alaska Airlines transfers tickets to another person. In the following blog, we will discuss under what circumstances Alaska Airlines transfer ticket to another person.

Alaska Airlines Transfer Ticket to Another Person is Allowed?

Normally, transferring a ticket in transportation means assigning your travel ticket to another person. The consequences of it will be changes in name, age, and gender.

According to the United States transport regulatory body, passengers can travel only on a ticket with their names on it. Passengers have to provide government I.D. to verify it. Transferring tickets can also raise the issue of security risks.

So, considering these three factors, many airlines do not allow transfer tickets. Also, according to the Alaska Airlines ticket transfer policy, the passengers are not eligible to transfer the ticket to another person.

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In What Circumstances does Alaska Airlines Allow Transfer Tickets?

Passengers may only transfer their Alaska tickets to another person if they booked them as part of a group that includes 10 or more persons.

Passengers are eligible to make as many name changes as they like up until three days before departure. However, extra fees will be charged if a ticket is transferred within three days of departure. Customers of Alaska Airlines can modify these details over the phone or online at the company’s website.

As a result, Alaska airlines transfer the ticket to another person, but only for group bookings of at least 10 passengers.

Eligibility Factors For Alaska Airlines Ticket Transfer

Alaska Airlines Ticket Transfer

To be eligible for an Alaska Airlines ticket transfer to another person, a few requirements must be in order.

  • Firstly, ticket booking is made through the official website or by contacting a customer representative. It is not booked by using a third-party agency.
  • The flight ticket is not part of the mileage plan.
  • Passengers did not request any special services, such as wheelchair assistance or pet travel.

Process of Transferring Ticket on Alaska Airlines

Transferring Ticket on Alaska Airlines

Passengers who are willing to transfer their ticket can follow these easy steps to process the request.

  • Firstly, visit the official website of Alaska Airlines.
  • Navigate to the ‘Manage’ option on the main tab.
  • Enter the passenger’s last name and code to retrieve booking details.
  • All details of your booking will be available on the screen.
  • Choose the ‘ticket transfer’ option.
  • Airlines will show your eligibility status.
  • If you are eligible, process the request.
  • Enter the new name and other details.
  • Confirm and pay the extra charges to complete the request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Alaska Airlines allow ticket transfers?

For standard tickets, Alaska Airlines does not allow transferring tickets to another person. However, in the case of group bookings, passengers are eligible to transfer tickets per Alaska Airlines’ ticket transfer policy.

Does Alaska Airlines allow passenger name changes on bookings?

Yes, passengers traveling on Alaska Airlines, irrespective of travel class, can edit their names on tickets. However, they can make changes to three letters in their name, or they provide proof of name change due to divorce or marriage.

How many passengers should be in a group booking to be eligible for Alaska Airlines ticket transfer policy?

At least ten passengers should be in a group booking to make your reservation eligible for ticket transfer.

Can I request both wheelchair assistance and ticket transfer?

If you have requested wheelchair assistance or any type of special assistance, then you are not eligible for ticket transfer on Alaska Airlines.

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