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Tired of standing in those long airport lines? United Premier Access is your answer. United airlines understand that traveling by air can be really tiring and annoying due to the security checks, baggage checks, and whatnot.

But the best thing is that United airlines understand your pain and have come out with a solution. These programs are made keeping in mind the difficulties faced by you while traveling and giving you access to premier services.

In this blog, you will learn what premier access is on united airlines, how you can benefit from and what are the eligibility criteria for the same.

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What is United Premier Access?

Premier access United Airlines is a program that gives access to a whole new premium service to specific customers from the time of check-in to the time of check-out are given access to premium services. Through this, the process of check-in, baggage claim, and all other processes are simplified and prioritised.

Further, you will understand the criteria for eligibility for united premier access.

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Eligibility for Premier Access

It is suggested that you opt for this facility for a hassle-free and comfortable travel experience. Here are some criteria to know before applying for premier access.

  • You should be using business class or first-class services frequently
  • Travelers who purchase premier access for a specific flight
  • If you have any of the following memberships, you are eligible for premier access.
  • Star Alliance gold membership
  • MileagePlus Club
  • Presidential Plus Cardholder

If you are not sure if you have premier access, you can always check it on the plane ticket. It is mentioned at the top center of the ticket as “premier access”.

How to Get Premier Access

The purchase process is simple: you can visit the website or call customer care, who will guide you further.

Here’s what to do if purchasing from the website:

  • Visit the united airline’s website
  • Click on “Extra Mileage Plus”
  • Now you will see “premier access status “ on the premier access category.
  • Then click on “Join Now”
  • You will need to make a payment of $17
  • As soon as the payment is complete, you will get access to premier services.

Being a member is incredibly practical since it helps you save time. Numerous advantages are also present. You may check in fast and receive priority boarding and security clearance. You are not entitled to United’s premium access if you frequently fly with them but just in their economy class.

Validity of United Premier Access

The majority of the significant American airlines up until recently. They defined their eligibility term as a calendar year. Once qualified, you must comprehend the membership term.

Validity of United Premier Access

This outlines the duration of your elite status, which varies significantly depending on the airline. Normally, your membership starts the moment you are eligible. Continues for the remainder of that calendar year and continues for the whole following calendar year.

However, not all carriers adhere to the 12-month qualifying cycle. You might wish to qualify as soon as possible during your qualification period if you’re beginning from scratch. By doing so, you can prolong the length of your elite advantages.

Is Premier Access the same as TSA PreCheck? Premier Access and Premier Availability are two different concepts. Premier Access is available while traveling in first or business class or after achieving elite status. If you haven’t already paid for it or registered for the TSA PreCheck program, you must do so.

United Premier Access Benefits
United Premier Access Benefits

There are many benefits you can take advantage of being a premier member. Most of it is saving up on time.

  • Hassle-free check-in. Those long lines consume a lot of time during the check-in itself with this membership, you will get preference over other passengers and get a priority check-in facility.
  • Easy security clearance: This is also the same process as standing in long lines, and trust me, security checks are the most irritating and time-consuming with premier access, you will get priority security checks.
  • Extra baggage allowance: that’s the best. Carrying extra luggage was probably not simple or inexpensive, but with United Airlines’ superior service, you get this perk as well.
  • Instant luggage check-in: Though united already provides online Check-in but in case that was not possible for you, united provides priority check-in to premier members.
  • Priority boarding: Yes, you even receive priority check-in; however, this service is only available to members of the Premier Access program.
Important Things to Remember About United Premier Access
  • If you’re traveling basic economy, you are not eligible for premier access. To gain access, you will have to purchase a higher fare ticket.
  • If you’re traveling with a premier access member, you will be able to receive the same benefits.
  • Although premier access is non-refundable, in case the flight cancels you can claim a refund.
  • “Premier Access” should be written on your ticket to avail of the benefits.
  • The premier access starts from $15, but it may change accordingly.
  • Be aware that members who miss their planned flight and request a redeposit of their miles will be charged a $125 redeposit fee. Each member is responsible for this redeposit cost.
Is United Premier Access Worth It

United regards as one of the leading commercial airlines in the United States and across the world. With the help of United Airlines and its international partners, you may travel to thousands of locations. a result of effective collaborations with airlines in the Star Alliance network.

You could be a fan of United’s Premier Access travel services if you often fly with them. The program offers a number of benefits. That may add a little extra opulence to your forthcoming trip, but at a price.

What happens if you reach a million United miles? those who accrue one million United Revenue Miles. will qualify them and one partner for lifetime MileagePlus Premier Gold status. Despite not having entry-level employment with United. So it’s fantastic because reaching the million-mile milestone will put you in the second elite category of the program.


Does Premier Access get you into United Club?

Yes, with the premier access, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of being a united club member, which are airport lounges available at almost all airports across the country.

Does premier Access also mean TSA PreCheck?

Premier Access can be obtained by traveling in first or business class or by holding an elite position. Unless you are occasionally given it at random, you must register for and pay for TSA PreCheck.

Can I share my premier pass with my family or friend?

A one-time pass is required for entrance to a United Club location for a person who has no visitors. A youngster under the age of two may go with anybody using a one-time pass to enter a United Club location.

How do you get free clubs with United?

If you have got a same-day boarding pass and can meet one of the following requirements, you can access a United Club lounge: traveling domestically, internationally, or intercontinental in business class on a United Polaris. boarding a Star Alliance partner aircraft in first or business class.

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