Las Cruces Inmates Jail: Search & General Information

Las Cruces Inmates Jail is a maximum-security city jail in Las Cruces, Dona Ana County, New Mexico. It houses adult inmates (18 and up) who have been in accusation of crimes under New Mexico state law. A large portion of the inmates serving a sentence in this jail are due for more than a year and are in accusation of serious wrongdoings. The city jail operates and maintains the penitentiary.

Director Bryan Baker oversees the Dona Ana County Detention Center, which employs 197 people in administrative, security, support, and medical positions.

There are 41 contract personnel and up to 67 volunteers. Total of two facilities. The adult facility has a capacity of 846 detainees and an average occupancy of 809. The juvenile facility can house 50 people.


Unlike a traditional linear jail, there are no bars dividing officers and las cruces inmates in the adult detention facility. Moreover, they are separated by glass walls, which allow officers to monitor all inmates continuously while making them aware that they are under observation.



The facility, in 1995, was initially in design with 562 beds. In the year 2000, an additional housing unit was an add-on, as well as some remodeling, bringing the total number of beds to 846 and the entire living area to 166,543 square feet—seven secure housing units house inmates. The vast majority of las cruces inmates share a cell with a minimum of one other inmate.


In 2004, the average daily inmate population was 809.


The 50-bed facility opened in 2001 after being built in 2000. Detention officers are at duty inside the housing unit dayrooms, directly supervising and observing the las cruces inmates (juveniles) and their everyday routines. There are five different units for juveniles. Each unit can accommodate ten juveniles. A dayroom, eight single-person cells, and one two-person cell make up four of the housing units. The remainder of the team includes ten single-person cells, a dayroom, and a small outdoor recreation area. When necessary, it is applicable as a maximum-security and special-management unit.



When the juvenile inmates las cruces facility first opened, the everyday population was around 25 juveniles. During the calendar year 2004, the facility housed an average of 54 juveniles. Although most of the las cruces inmates (juveniles) are from Doa Ana County, the facility also houses juveniles from other counties and government agencies.

Programs for Juveniles

The Las Cruces Public School District offers two full-time teachers for education programs, allowing las cruces inmates (juveniles) to continue their education and earn credits toward graduation while incarcerated. Religious programming & life skills classes are also available. Each detainee is free for two 30-minute family visits per week. Various counseling agencies are public for court-ordered counseling; some offer individual counseling to detainees when such requirements are identified. Recreational activities, a commissary, and a library are also available.

Dona Ana County Detention Center Inmate Search

(Inmate Search Las Cruces Nm) As of 2022, the Dona Ana County Detention Center has an online inmate search las cruces roster.

(Las Cruces Inmate Search) Each inmate’s record includes their full name, address, date of birth, race, IDN#, case #, document type, charges, booking date, court date, court event, division, & court rule.

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