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Are you a beach person? Then, of course, you are not going to miss out on the most beautiful Diamond beach also known as Breiðamerkursandur. The beach is in South-East Iceland. You can have the best view ever of a beautiful beach where black sand and crystal blue color sea are blending together and creating an eye-soothing view. You will find the best combination of ice and fire land.

When the small pieces of ice from the glaciers absorb the sunlight against the violent black sand, it comes up with the most attractive scene you have ever seen. If you are a photogenic person or a photographer, you cannot stop yourself from clicking the glowing ice diamonds and the devastating black sand.

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Where is Diamond Beach?

where is diamond beach

Diamond Beach is situated on the South coast of the Ice land. It is 337km from Reykjavik. Keep 5 hours in hand to drive to this beach. Plan an organized journey to visit without worrying about exploring or making the drive yourself. The trip to Breiðamerkursandur includes beautiful side scene stops along the attractive natural beauty, which breaks the journey amazingly.

This Beach in Iceland is a bit away from the main ring round that rounded the complete island. So, if you are on the road to Iceland, this is a must-desirable stop.

Interesting Facts Behind the Name: Diamond Beach

In the Icelandic language, the Diamond beach is also known as Breiðamerkursandur. The breakup of glittering ice burgs across the beach makes it a field of diamonds. The black sand of this beach belongs to the Breidamerkursandur glacier plain, located in the Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon on the South Coast of Iceland. There is a twist, this beautiful beach changes its view on a day-to-day basis. The ice and fire land always look different every day. The Katla Volcano in the Vatnajokull National Park keeps adding jet-black sand to Iceland’s beach.

The huge pieces of broken ice are all scattered on the beach coming from Breidamerkursandur, the channel glacier of the famous Vatnajokull, known as the largest iceberg in Europe.

The glacial mass floats in the lagoon range from milky white to crystal clear blue color and different shades of turquoise. Gradually the ice is melting and made its own way to the ocean. However, before reaching the destination, The Atlantic Ocean, these ice blocks stop at Breiðamerkursandur. The way this Glacial Mass spreads on the glittery black sand under the midnight sun makes the scene calm to the eyes. The crystal icebergs on the black volcanic sand look like sparkling diamonds on a black velvet cloth, which is the reason behind the name Diamond beach.

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Don’t stop yourself if you are planning to visit Diamond beach at any time of the year.

Anyways, according to the season, make sure to carry dresses according to the variable Icelandic weather. The beach is 372.5 km which is around 5 hours and 45 minutes from Reykjavik, a long one-day tour.

Types of Tours

When visiting Diamond Beach, you can explore tours between day tours, Private tours, self-driving tours, and multi-day tours all over the year.

  • You can travel to the beach in just one day, having a long journey. To make your tour comfortable, stress-free, and great, book your accommodation in advance in Reykjavik. Your tour can be hectic as long as you have to go to Breiðamerkursandur and Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon and come back in one day only. Still, you will get time to explore some of the highlights, like the popular waterfalls on the way.
  • For travelers planning a one-day trip to Breiðamerkursandur, make the trip according to your group, then plan the tour’s itinerary completely according to you, and the resources included in the journey are useful to you only.
  • For people who want to drive and enjoy a journey, rent a car and put Diamond Beach on the top of your list for a self-driven tour. It must take a few days to reach there and explore all the highlights on the way.
  • A multi-day tour is recommended as it is the best way to explore the ice and fire land and the Jokulsarlon glacier Lagoon. You can plan your Multi-day Tour for 2-8 days and every highlight in between. In your 8 days plan, 2 days will take you to cover all the top attractions on the coast and one night for the charming countryside hotels. You can explore all the places in Iceland.

Can I Swim at Diamond Beach?

Swimming in Iceland is not a joke at all. Technically you cannot swim in the ocean, as the water temperature is too cold there. In winter, if you are thinking of swimming in Iceland, it is just madness. In summer, temperatures are up to 10°C(50°F) on Iceland’s South-west coast but then dive to 5°C (41°F) in winter.

This is compared with the mid-to-high 1920s at either Miami Beach or the Mediterranean Sea.

Is Diamond and Black Sand Beach the Same?

Don’t worry if you are getting confused between the two beaches having black sand. Both beaches are completely different and situated very far away from each other. Diamond Beach is situated in South-East Iceland, whereas Black Sand, also known as Reynisfjara beach, is situated near the coastal town of Vik. Yes, both beaches are having jet-black sand, but Breiðamerkursandur is famous because it has infinite ice burgs which look like diamonds and sparkle more because of the black volcanic sand. Black beach Sand’s sand is black because of the volcanic material like basalt rocks, lava, and black color rocks and minerals.

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Is Diamond Beach and Black Sand Beach the same?

Black Sand Beach and Diamond Beach are not the same. Both beaches are almost 202 kilometers away (125 miles) away from each other.

Is Diamond Beach in Iceland worth it?

When you are planning to visit Diamond Beach, the Ice and Fire Land, the black volcanic sand, and the crystal-clear blue iceberg make it worth it. Photoholics and photographers found it a worth it places to visit.

Is there parking at Diamond Beach?

Yes, there is free parking within walking distance from Diamond Beach. The Parking place is present on Ring Road.

Can I swim at Diamond Beach?

Of course not. You cannot swim at Diamond Beach. The currents and tides coming from the south coast can increase at any point in time. Another reason is it’s always chilly. In summer, the water temperature is measured at approximately 10 °C(50°F). It’s better to stay in the waterline only.

Are Northern Lights Visible in Diamond Beach?

In winter, the best way to have a look at the Northern lights is at Diamond Beach. Northern lights occur on Dark nights mostly in winter. It’s better to bring a flashlight to see them, maybe it is not visible in the dark winters.

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