Warriors of Aradena: High-Quality Blockchain Gaming Experience

The Warriors of Aradena metaverse has two main game modes. The first is the PvP mode, which consists of head-to-head competitions. In the second game mode, PvE, players can play against an AI opponent rather than a human opponent.

The Warriors of Aradena is an upcoming action, tactical P2E medieval fantasy game utilizing a set of NFTs in the pfp-style within the Aradena metaverse. The initial launch started with 8,000 male warrior NFTs. And then holders of the original warrior NFTs were given free-to-mint “Women of Aradena” NFTs.

The game contains a range of unique elements to appeal to a larger audience and give more players the opportunity to make money. There will be an addition of in-game land ownership, along with army recruitment and combat, loan or renting of warriors, and so forth.

Warriors of Aradena: 100 Comic NFT

A limited edition comic book that was just published as an NFT brought the game’s mythology and backstory to life. There is the production of only 100 comic NFTs in total, with the cover options being common, epic, rare, or legendary. The Aradena metaverse will soon have more features and functionality, such as releasing the alpha game (not on the blockchain).

100 Comic NFT

Warriors of Aradena: Gameplay

Warriors of Aradena is an emphatic action strategy game where winning battles requires bringing the health of the Commanding Warrior to zero. Players can choose from thousands of warriors to defeat their rivals on the battlefield. Each warrior is a special NFT asset that belongs to the player.

Similar to 4x strategy games like the well-known Civilization series, the battleground or map is hexagonal and detailed. Gamers can have troops that include warriors, units, and collectibles for special actions. These soldiers and units are 3D figurines that can move about the map and inflict harm on their foes.

Warriors of Aradena players receive loot chests after winning battles that contain a variety of gifts, such as Aradenean Gold tokens and NFT souvenirs. The in-game market allows you to exchange these goodies. Furthermore, players can even use the Barracks to incorporate these NFT collectibles into their own troops.

Warriors and collectibles can impact the performance of the army for numerous strategies. Modification of players’ troops can be done in different ways with the help of the Barracks. Additionally, to receive an increased attribute benefit and to designate the players’ in-game health pool, the player must choose a fighter to serve as the Commanding Warrior. As a result, selecting a Commanding Warrior is crucial for developing a plan.

Warriors of Aradena: Game Modes

There are two primary game modes in the Warriors of Aradena metaverse. The first is PvP mode, which is the game’s primary game mode. PvP battles intend to be head-to-head matches with the elimination of the opposing team’s Commanding Warrior as the goal of victory. However, there will be the inclusion of other game types, like 2v2 battles and Capture the Flag, in the future.

Aradena Game Modes

In the second game mode, PvE, players can play against an AI opponent rather than a human opponent. Before entering PvP, this mode is a great way to get a feel for the difficulties of the game mechanics. These AI battles also take the shape of missions (dungeons), which let players assemble armies and assess their effectiveness in PvE. Cooperative play is necessary to complete some of these tasks. Moreover, from these quests, players can also receive prize chests.

Advantages of Owning NFTs from Aradena

The benefits of holding NFTs from Aradena are as follows:

  • As of now, owners of Aradena NFT can swap their points for IDO allotment on Seedify.
  • Stage 2 Power leveling will be available in July, allowing NFT holders to gain AGx and NFT awards for preparing their troops for Aradena: Battlegrounds.
  • Weekly community votes give all NFT holders a voice in how the game should be developed.
  • Long-term advantages include the potential to generate passive income from both our mercenary (rental) system and recruitment (breeding) system.

The ability to play a AAA game with entertaining, strategic gameplay is the most significant advantage of all!

Warriors of Aradena: NFT Floor Price

Warriors of Aradena (WOA) is an NFT compilation. Currently, the floor price of Warriors of Aradena’s (WOA)is $98.70. There is trading of 0 ETH on the last day. A total of 8000 NFTs have been issued, held by 1563 distinct owners, and have a market value of $789,638.81 as of this writing.

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