Ron DeSantis Suspends Andrew Warren

State Attorney Andrew Warren of Florida’s 13th Judicial Circuit, who represents Hillsborough County, has been suspended for “neglect of duty” as well as a “blanket refusal in enforcing criminal laws,” according to Gov. Ron DeSantis’ office.

Who is the district Attorney of Tampa?

During the suspension, DeSantis has assigned Hillsborough County Judge, Susan Lopez to serve as State Attorney. She most recently served on the Hillsborough County Court as a Judge.

The suspension will last indefinitely.

Why did Andrew Warren get suspended?

DeSantis claimed Warren elevated himself above the law by signing letters promising not to enforce any restrictions on sex change procedures for minors and not to prosecute abortion cases. He made this last statement after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

The governor of Florida, not individual state attorneys, has veto power under the state constitution. So, when you despicably violate the oath of office, and when you elevate yourself above the law, you have violated as well as neglected your duty and demonstrated a lack of competence to carry out those duties. So, effective immediately, they suspend State Attorney Andrew Warren.”

Among those present at the press conference on Thursday were Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco and Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd. Ashley Moody, the Attorney General, was also present.

Meanwhile, Warren spoke Thursday afternoon about such a Hillsborough County cold case but also issued a statement saying:

Today’s political stunt is indeed an illegal overaction that persists Ron DeSantis’ dangerous pattern of using his office to advance his own political ambition.” It is an insult to Hillsborough County voters, who have two times elected me to serve them rather than Ron DeSantis. In our community, crime is low, our constitutional rights, including the right to privacy, are upheld, and the people have the ability to elect their own leaders, rather than having them dictated to them by an aspiring candidate for president who has repeatedly demonstrated that he feels accountable to no one.

Just because the governor violates your rights does not mean they are guilty.

Marco Rubio: Senator From Florida

Marco Rubio: Senator From Florida

Marco Rubio has represented the state of Florida inside the United States Senate as of 2010, with one overarching goal: to restore the American Dream to those who feel it is slipping away.

His efforts were fruitful and long-lasting. According to nonpartisan analyses conducted by GovTrack as well as the Center for Effective Lawmaking, Marco is the Senate’s number two leader and the most effective Republican in 2020.

Senator Rubio is the Vice Chair of the Senate Committee on Intelligence, in which he oversees our country’s intelligence as well as national security apparatus. Senator Rubio also serves as a member of a Foreign Relations Committee, in which he works to promote human rights as well as America’s interests around the world; the powerful Appropriations Committee, which also allocates federal government funding; and the Judiciary Committee.

How old is Marco Rubio?

Marco Rubio is 51 years old as of now.

Ron Desantis Net Worth

ron desantis florida governor. The Governor, Ron DeSantis has a total value of $52 million dollars. He is also a politician and attorney who has been the Governor of Florida as of 2019. Moreover, DeSantis ranks among the richest governors in the country. However, the Florida State Treasury pays DeSantis a stationary $180,000 salary as Governor. Ron DeSantis owns some of the most exclusive automobiles as well as timepieces.

Ron DeSantis Salary

DeSantis’ net worth is expected to reach $100 million in the coming years as a result of his business ventures and contributions from wealthy donors. DeSantis will almost certainly win the upcoming elections in Florida, given the financial juggernaut he has built for himself.

  • $52 million in his net worth
  • Governor’s salary is $180,000.
  • Other Earnings are $9 Million
  • Investments & Assets :31 million dollars
  • Donations totaled around $8 million.
  • $4 million in taxes paid
  • Mortgages and loans: Three million dollars
  • 5 House Properties
  • 198-pound: weight
What is Ron DeSantis nationality?

His nationality is American.

What is Ron DeSantis nationality?
How old is Santis?

He is 43 years old as of now.

Where is Ron DeSantis originally from?

He is originally from Jacksonville, Florida, US

Was ron desantis a navy seal?
  • In 2005, Ron DeSantis graduated from Naval Justice School.
  • DeSantis was assigned as a prosecutor to the JAG Trial Service Office Control South East at Navy Mayport, Florida.
  • Also worked as an assistant United States Attorney for the Middle District of Florida.
How do you call the governor of Florida?
  • Governor Florida ron desantis

Contact no. : 850-717-9337 is the phone number.

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