If you are a retired couple, we have something for you that might help you

Hang on to the stuff you don’t need and look for things you can get rid of when you retired couple. Having fewer things creates more space in the head and the house. You don’t have to give up something that no longer makes sense to keep them. At best, you can sell them and add money to your retirement nest egg. At the very least, you will retire with a streamlined lifestyle.   


The path to debt-laden retirement is a blueprint for financial disaster. If you can’t make your payments, you’ll have to work harder than ever to meet your fixed-income obligations.    

You can choose the snowball method, debt consolidation, transfers, credit card or mortgage refinancing, or a mix of other tactics. Create a debt repayment plan. Find out where the money is going and track your spending. Their spending may not be as apparent as bills.  

Life insurance policies you no longer need

They take out term insurance when they are 30 and have young children. They keep the insurance until the age of 60, when the children grow up alone, and the need for insurance dwindles. When they reach the end of their term, insurance becomes expensive, and they no longer need it, so drop it. When they die, there is a death benefit to look after their family.    

Talk to your financial planner (not an insurance salesman who works on commission) and ask about your options. You may be married for the rest of your life, have minor children at home, and raise grandchildren. When your children grow up, you will still have to pay for insurance. 

Chances are, if you’ve dropped the policy and put those dollars where they’re best for you. Open your filing cabinet and take a stroll down Memory Lane. Get the contract of sale for the car you bought in 1996. Bank statements are in the dark, especially if you switch to digital documents.    

Outdated documents

Stacy says you can keep your tax returns yourself if you need proof that you have filed your taxes, or you can digitize them and shred the paper version. Shredders were invented for these occasions. These include wills, title deeds, contracts, and papers with heightened seals such as birth certificates. Scan them, save them online and place the originals in a safe, fireproof place.    

Below, Stacy breaks down what she keeps in her tax returns. You will also find helpful tips such as these nine documents that are essential for planning your estate. 

Cars you no longer need

If you and your spouse or civil partner are about to retire, you will need at least two vehicles. You will also need the cost of insurance, gas, and maintenance.    

Even if they cannot drive it, some people keep an extra vehicle that their adult children can use when they own or buy a car. They plan to give it to a grandchild if he has permission.    

Storage unit

The only thing worse than having storage eat up a portion of your monthly income is having it eat up parts of your fixed monthly payment as a pensioner. You inherited the dining room set from your people, the record collection, and the golf clubs you never sold after your second knee surgery. That is what I am talking about here.    

This is not the time to start sorting out all your belongings in earnest. Some of that stuff might be for sale. So look for a buyer.  

Spare sets of tableware

Nowadays, it is a common sign in China to have a silver pattern, and you get engaged and buy fancy crystal drinking utensils to decorate the table for special occasions. But why use such a thing?. Well, I think there is something about it.   

If you want to host a big family reunion like a Thanksgiving dinner, you have to dig deep into your pocket. Some people pull out all the stops to serve it up. Also, there’s no point storing things for Thanksgiving. 

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