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With the addition of five new stocks, R6 Transamerica Asset Management, Inc. has expanded its extensive mutual funds, variable product portfolio, and exchange-traded funds. As of April 30, 2021, its total assets under management exceed 89 billion USD. Advisor, Transamerica Asset Management, Inc. adopts diversified investment management methods.    

The new R6 stock can be used by retired investors in employer-sponsored retirement plans, individual retirement accounts (IRA), and health savings accounts (HSA). Large-cap Pan-American funds may look similar to dividend-focused funds at first glance. There are mainly a few domestic stocks in the large-cap stocks field, but the holdings are pretty different. Transamerica Asset Management, Inc.’s Funds recommended and sponsored are Transamerica Funds, Transamerica Series Trust, and DeltaShares® Exchange Traded Funds.  

Overall, Transamerica Capital Growth A (LAX) has a high Zacks Mutual Fund rating and is coupled with its relatively strong performance, lower risk of losses, and higher fees. This fund now looks like a good potential choice for investors. LAX is rated 1 by the Zacks mutual fund (Strong Buy) based on nine predictive factors such as size, value, and past performance.    

State Money Market Transamerica operates as a government money market fund. As of 2018, the scope of funds provided by Transamerica is relatively tiny, only 133 funds. But these five funds can create a diversified pantry to provide services for your entire retirement life. LAX is part of the Transamerica family of funds headquartered in Clearwater, Florida.    

Denver, June 2, 2021/PRNewswire/- Transamerica announced the launch of a new R6 pension stock category for its five existing Transamerica mutual funds. 

Transamerica Asset Management, Inc. uses the portfolio management experience of various asset management companies in the industry to advise funds. Transamerica funds the Transamerica Institute. A non-profit foundation that includes the Transamerica Pension Research Center and the Transamerica Health Research Center.    

What all should you consider before investing?

Before investing, consider the investment objectives, risks, costs, and expenses of the funds. Transamerica Corporation is a U.S. holding company consisting of several insurance companies and investment companies mainly operating in the United States. Hence, providing supplementary life and health insurance, investment, and retirement services. Investments in this fund are not insured or guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or any other government agency. Mutual funds face market risks, including loss of principal.    

Large-cap growth funds invest in many large U.S. companies, expected to rise much faster than other large-cap stocks. The bond fund carries enormous risks and offers higher returns than safer options. Obviously, investors are looking for the high performance of these funds compared to their peers. We found that individuals and their financial professionals often share links and PDFs with specific funds for discussion through further user research.  

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