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The southwest low fare calendar is a tool provided by southwest airlines for the ease of customers. By using this calendar, you can check what flights are available and at which time the fares are at the lowest. You can check that for a month and compare the best pricing or reward.

The southwest calendar works best because the flight prices of the airline are not available on any OTA. You can only check them on the official website of Southwest Airlines.

Due to the low fare calendar southwest, it has become easier to understand and compare the pricing and travel date. This feature is also used for round trips, one-way trips, and group trips.

The best part about traveling with southwest is that there is free cancellation at any point. Therefore, even if it’s difficult to compare Southwest’s costs to those of other airlines and OTAs, using Southwest’s Low Fare Calendar still has some clear advantages.

How to use the southwest low fare calendar?

The process of using the low-fare calendar is very basic.

  • Mention your arrival or departure airports
  • Choose your ticket type
  • Then go on to choose your departure and arrival month
  • Select the number of travelers
  • Click on “search”

After completing this process, you will be redirected to a calendar that will show you the details of your departure and arrival month according to the information you have filled in above.  It will also show you the lowest price and the reward points for all the dates.

Further, when you choose the dates of departure and arrival, the process will look exactly the same as booking for any other southwest airline flight. Then a list will show the flights available for your selected dates.

However, not all flights shown in the list come under the category of low fare rates, so it is suggested that you check the rates and then go ahead with the booking.

You might need to adjust the time and date of travel if you wanna work according to the low fare calendar. This may help you save up on a lot of costs.

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Benefits of using southwest air low fare calendar

The southwest low fare calendar 2022 makes it easier for travelers to get low-priced tickets and find the best deals available, which enables you to save time and money.

Using the standard booking option offered on the website or app isn’t always a bad idea for travelers. The Low Fare Calendar feature, however, has the distinct benefit of always displaying Southwest Airlines’ lowest tickets.

southwest air low

If you are already happy with the services of southwest airlines and looking for low fares, then this calendar is the best option. This is the only place where you can view the lowest prices for southwest airlines.

Booking using the Southwest Fare Calendar gives you the same flexibility to change your ticket whenever a lower fare becomes available, just as with any other Southwest flight.

Are there any restrictions on the southwest low fare calendar

Though the southwest low-fare calendar does not come with many restrictions, there are still a few things you need to be aware of.

restrictions on the southwest low fare calendar
  • The prices on the calendar are not guaranteed until booked.
  • You can’t use the low fare calendar to book flights for 10 or more people
  • If the calendar shows unavailable, that means that the flight isn’t available for that specific day.
  • If it displays SOLD OUT, that means all the seats are booked on the flight.
  • The amount is not refunded in case of cancelation. Instead, it is added to your account as a future fare credit.

The calendar work on a first-come, first serves basis the tickets sell out real quick. You might have to book immediately as in the next moments the tickets can be sold out. It’s better you keep an eye on the calendar and make sure to book ASAP.

How to find the best deals on the southwest low fare calendar

Southwest is conscious of its devoted following. Due to this, they forbid customers from looking for flights elsewhere or selling them via OTAs. Southwest only offers flights on its website.

Unfortunately, this makes comparing Southwest’s pricing to those of other airlines considerably more challenging. Because of its reputation as a low-cost airline that provides free baggage and free changes, Southwest hopes that passengers will visit its website immediately. Contrary to popular belief, Southwest regularly offers prices that are comparable to, if not somewhat more than, those of its competing airlines.

However, that doesn’t mean you won’t save money by taking a Southwest flight. just the opposite, Using the Southwest Low Fare Calendar is how it’s done, as you can see.

What Do People Ask About The Low-Fare Calendars?

What day of the week does southwest lower its fares?

According to the travelers and the noted trend, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays are the days when the flight fares are the lowest.

How much in advance can you book through the southwest low fare calendar?

As we have seen, southwest airlines like to do it differently hence where usually, airline allow booking 11 months in advance, southwest allows you to book 90-180 days prior only.

What time of the day is the southwest flight the lowest?

According to regular travelers, they save up to 6% while booking on Tuesday at midnight. In general, flights are usually cheaper at midnight, even on normal weekdays.

Do airfares decrease as the departure date approaches?

Particularly, the price of plane tickets frequently doesn’t go down as the departure dates become closer. Instead, the most cost-effective flights are often found when buying between four months and three weeks before your travel date.

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