Which one are the best Adidas Running Shoes in the market?

Runners know Adidas for their high-performance running shoes that help athletes of all skill levels improve their performance. You can spot most elite athletes and everyday enthusiasts who wear this shoe.   

If you want to get a pair but are unsure which model is suitable for you, we can help. We’ve categorized the best Adidas shoes into categories based on preference and performance. 

 Our team has a diverse range of running experiences in a wide variety of conditions, and we know how to identify the hallmarks that make a shoeshine.   

 We have divided our list into categories to help you find the most essential features. Whether you want to increase speed, mileage or comfort, we are committed to finding the best option for you.

Best Everyday Neutral Trainer: Adidas Solar Glide 3

 If you’re looking for a durable shoe that can handle a lot of wear, look no further than the Solar Glide 3.   

Now in the third iteration, you’ll love the new upper design with super soft mesh. This upper provides enough flexibility and ventilation to keep feet cool as they stretch through their full range of motion. The versatile Solar Glide 3 shoe is one of the best Adidas running shoes that can perform on paved roads or trails. We love that this shoe features a Continental(TM) stretch outsole that’s ready to take on all your training challenges with secure traction.   

Best Long Run Shoe: Adidas Solar Boost 19

When you’re lacing up to start running long distances, there are a few things you should look for in your shoes. First, you’ll want springy cushioning that won’t break on repeated impacts. Hence, you will also need plenty of airflows to keep your feet cool when they get sweaty.    

And finally, an immediate return of energy is necessary, as it will add power to your stride. The Solar Boost 19 fits the bill, making it one of Adidas best long-distance running shoes. A shock-absorbing boost(TM) unit propels you forward with every step, giving tired feet much-needed relief.  

Adidas Solar Boost 19

Best Max Cushioned Comfort: Adidas Ultraboost 20

UltraBoost 20 is just what you need for even more comfort.    

The thick cushioning unit provides 20% more Boost(TM) material in the midsole, making it softer than before. This shoe has a more forgiving landing and takes the pressure off your body with every step.  

Whether you’re recovering from an injury or just starting to run, the latest UltraBoost model delivers the ultimate in cushioning and comfort so you can take pain relief. However, it also brings explosive energy into your stride to make every run even more fun. s

Best Up-Tempo/Race Day Shoe: Adidas Adizero Boston 9

Inspired by the Boston Marathon, Adizero is the ultimate Adidas running shoe for race day. The upper and midsole of this shoe are very lightweight. They are so light that you feel like you have nothing when you pick up your pace.    

This shoe also features an upper lockdown that maintains supportive traction. You won’t have to worry about your feet slipping off with this shoe. Responsive midsole cushioning increases power with every step. This will help you achieve a faster pace with less effort.   

What are the best Adidas running shoes? 

You can read a long list of Adidas sneaker reviews, but ultimately what matters most is your opinion. Everyone has different needs and preferences depending on their body and goals.    

Elite marathon runners tend to opt for lightweight shoes, while over-spinners need stable shoes to improve their condition. We recommend heading to your local Road Runner Sports store, where you can check out the entire line for yourself. 

Does Adidas make trail running shoes?

 If you plan to hit the road a lot, you should buy Adidas trail running shoes.    

These shoes provide improved traction on wet or dry surfaces, no matter how steep or flat the slope is. They will also offer better protection against sharp and dangerous objects on the trail, while the reinforced upper will prevent abrasion in overgrown areas.    

How do Adidas shoes fit? 

The best Adidas shoes should provide a snug, secure fit that never feels tight.    

As a general rule, when shopping for running shoes, we recommend getting one size larger than your foot length, as your feet swell and expand as you work. You can always stop by the Road Runner Sports store and have one of our fit experts measure your foot to find the perfect pair. 

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