Kamala Harris Through the Lens of Jesus Rodriguez and Eugene Daniels

Kamala Harris, a lady, addressed with the titles of Vice President and a politician, is also a very competent lawyer. It is said that when she entered law school, she was just a daughter of an activist who later on passed the school to become a prosecutor. Why are we telling you about her past, you ask? A person is made from the life they have lived. Therefore, the honorable lady she is today is the result of her past.

Presently, as the VP wrestles with probably the thorniest issues in legislative issues and fabricates associations with a wide exhibit of Democrats, which she could use in both the organization and a future official mission, even a portion of her nearest partners concede she needs assistance fighting off approaching fire.

Kamala Harris

A report by POLITICO Magazine’s Jesús A. Rodríguez and Playbook co-writer Eugene Daniels gave us an insight into what her time was like in law school.

A journey from a Lawyer to Politician

The report gives us a look at how she became a politician from being a lawyer. In his statement, Jesus Rodrigues says,” That was where she first decided to go into the system. And specifically, I’m talking about the criminal justice system — go into the prosecutor’s side and try to change things from the inside. And that’s something that I think every politician wants to do to a certain degree.

“But the thing that’s striking about Kamala Harris is that she went specifically into the prosecution and that she … leveraged her law school connections also become immersed in the California political machine.”

The reports also addressed what has been the motivating factor behind her actions and work as the Vice President. Though in the view of Jesus, there hasn’t been much that she has done in terms of basic policy changes. He also addressed the issue that she has not addressed, like reforms of the immigration system or the police. In the words of Jesus,”… In some ways, the talk of the town has been the infrastructure or the budget reconciliation, getting Covid relief, and has not been, ‘How are we going to reform the immigration system? What progress can we make on reforming the police?” He and Eugene talk more about her work and performance as the VP and how her political carrier is going to proceed in the presidency of Biden

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