Did you know these weird things that happened in Disney theme park?

 Disney race cars also faced technical challenges on several occasions throughout the year. 

After Joe Biden’s grand opening, fans asked Disney World to hide Donald Trump’s anime in the Presidential Hall. 

Almost shortly after Joe Biden’s inauguration in January 2021. Disney World closed the Presidential Hall of the Magic Kingdom to make way for the 46th President’s new animatronics. The maintenance prompted some Disney fans to share their views on this attraction and its controversial animatronic Donald Trump. Some people believe that theme parks should “hide” Trump behind the former President, while others ask Disney to remove him entirely after he ceases to serve. 

After her nanny at Disneyland video went viral, the woman became a “theme park nanny”. Sian Nardiello is a college student from Florida.    

In an interview with Insider in February 2021, she said that she had taken her nanny client to Disney World for several years but did not consider creating a “former nanny” until the start of their adventure video. Get millions of views on TikTok. … “I decided to use it for business before someone steals my ideas,” he told Insider. “I don’t really want to make the former babysitter what it is now, but I realize people’s needs for it.” She now works with local and holiday families to help take care of their children in theme parks such as Disney World.    

Some Disney World employees were harassed by park visitors due to COVID-19 security measures. 

According to a March 2021 Orlando Sentinel report, Disney World employees recalled being whipped and scolded. As they tried to enforce COVID-19 theme park safety regulations, such as wearing masks and social distancing. One anonymous worker told the publication that it was “never a day” that they have no bad stories of interacting with angry park visitors. Although, another said that they “would have quit already” if there were no excellent colleagues. Since then, Disney World has canceled most social distancing measures in its parks, dropped some mask requirements, ended temperature controls, and more.  

One person said he got fired from Disneyland after posting controversial theme park videos on TikTok. 

Jason Jeter, better known online as Jete and @showmelovejete, has over a million TikTok followers at the time of writing. His large fan following has a lot to do with the two Disney-related videos he released in early 2021.    

In one of the videos, he saw himself entering the Disney wedding pavilion, located at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, without the help of staff. Thus, in another, he filmed drinking water from decorative fountains worldwide at Disneyland and said they taste bad.   

In March 2021, Jeter stated in a video on TikTok that he was fired from Disney World because of his videos. 

Jeter also said on social media that he was a member of the Disney College program before the pandemic outbreak and later worked for Epcot. An insider was unable to confirm Jeter’s work in the park. 

The man claimed to have spent US$15,000 on vacation at Disneyland. Yet was arrested in April 2021 for refusing to take his temperature.

 According to reports, Kelly Sears from Louisiana was arrested and accused of entering the country illegally for refusing to take his temperature. This is one of them. Previous COVID-19 cases in Disneyland. Safety measures at Disney Springs Shopping Center. “You can’t let me down by paying $15,000,” Sears said in a video watched by the Tampa Bay Times. The publication also reported that Sears changed his mind after being handcuffed and said: “Before you kick it, you will get my fever.” How am I? “They will do this in prison, sir,” the deputy replied.  

Later that same month, Disneyland Paris became a vaccination spot. 

As previously reported by Insider’s Joey Hadden. The Disney Newport Bay Club Resort in Chess, France, will begin distributing vaccines on April 24, 2021. Mass vaccination sites are open on weekends, and tourists can patronize the hotel. Disneyland Paris closed in October 2020 as a preventive measure due to COVID-19 but reopened to the public on June 17, 2021.  

Gondolas on the Skyliner at Disneyland collided with each other. 

Two Skyliner gondolas crashed outside Hollywood Studios on April 22, 2021, breaking glass. Alyssa from Disney’s Next Stop Main Street blog was present at the collision and shared a video of two vehicles sitting side by side.   

In an email sent to Insider at the time, Alyssa stated that she recorded the video at 6:15 pm and that Skyliner was already stopped while she was queuing. He also noticed that no one was hurt. “After a few minutes, it started moving and then stopped again,” he told Insider earlier. “The second time it started up, something got stuck, and you can see it on the video. I think they were adding a car to the line – it was almost like a collision of two vehicles. “

The incident was Skyliner’s second incident since the attraction opened in 2019. 

TikTok Jason Jeter was eventually banned from visiting Disney World facilities for illegal entry. 

Jeter said in a TikTok video on May 3, 2021, that Disney security had surrounded his car, parked outside the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, where he said he was coming to eat. “The worst has happened,” Jeter said in his video.  

“As soon as I get out of the car, the Orange County Police Department arrives.  

“Hi Jason Jeter, we have a notice of abuse from Disney. An insider looked into the warning at the time. He said that Jeter was banned from all Disney World facilities, including water parks and the Disney Springs Mall. Although Jeter did not say in his video which part of Disney he apparently hacked into. He was seen entering the Disney World wedding pavilion without the help of staff in a TikTok video dated March 13 of that year.    

Another TikTok star stated that she received a free Magic Kingdom T-shirt, which violated the theme park's dress code. 

Another TikTok star stated that she received a free Magic Kingdom T-shirt, which violated the theme park’s dress code. 

TikTok star Amanda DiMeo (Amanda DiMeo), who has more than 1 million followers, released a video on May 19, 2021. In the video, she said that she was wearing a short top with exposed breasts and paid $75 for getting a Disney World T-shirt for free. In a previous email sent to Insider, DiMeo said he did not know that his shirt violated Disney World’s dress code because he had worn it in the park in January 2021. He also said that the coupon for free shirts was limited to $50. But he asked for a $75 shirt, “the manager approved the cashier.” Some people applauded his behavior and said they wanted to try his “free shirt hack”. Therefore, Disney employees said this would cause trouble for theme park staff. 

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