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Let’s have a better understanding of these locations before determining how far Dallas is from Houston.

Over a dozen neighborhoods and districts can be found in Dallas, and each one has its own atmosphere and attractions. Every area of the city beyond the walls has plenty to offer, from galleries and theatres to the vibrant nightlife of Deep Ellum.

Whereas Houston is a city full of imagination and creativity, you can find all kinds of cultural events taking place. Houston is a well-liked international destination because it has a thriving economy, lovely surroundings, and a population full of hope and spirit. It is suggested to try the restaurant and the authentic food available in the city.

Houston is also home to the world’s best visual and performing art venues. Some of the city’s famous attractions include the Japanese Garden, space center, Houston Zoo, Minute Maid park, and much more.

Here’s a table mentioning how far is Dallas from Houston:

Distance By Car239 miles (3 hrs 30 mins)
Distance By Plane239 miles (59 mins)
Distance By Train225 miles (70 mins)
Distance By Bus239 miles (3hrs 15 mins)

How Far is Dallas From Houston By Car?

The distance you need to travel while driving is approximately 239 miles which will be covered in the duration of 4 hrs approximately depending on your speed of driving and the rest stop duration. While traveling you can encounter some very beautiful natural scenery, lakes, camping sites, and much more overall, this drive from Dallas to Houston is going to be memorable.

One best thing about this drive is that you will find the route traffic free, and a clean and smooth drive can be expected. Although during the weekends it can be a little troublesome, so it is suggested that you start your journey on Friday night.

Though the expected time is around 4 hrs, so you would think there’s not much to explore, the journey can amaze you with some beautiful unexplored locations that can be a peaceful spot for you to chill and relax a bit and just be into nature.

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5 Things to Check Out on Your Drive from Houston to Dallas

  • Sam Houston National Forest: This is supposed to be a scenic forest, but you may also encounter diverse wildlife. The location also has a lake where you may sit and wonder about life.
  • The woodlands: a community well known for its soothing music and attractive shopping centers.
  • Ennis Bluebonnet Trails: Here, you can experience hiking with a beautiful view of flora and fauna.
  • Collin Street Bakery: Texas is famous for its Pecan Pies and fruitcakes. We bet this is the place where you’d get it best.
  • W. G Jones State Forest: If you are a fan of horse riding or hiking, this can be an amazing experience for you during your drive from Dallas to Houston.

How Far Is Dallas From Houston By Plane

Most of the flights from Dallas to Houston are nonstop, covering the distance of 225 miles the approximate time a flight takes is 70 minutes.

While booking, you should be aware of the names of both the airport that are forth worth international airports, DFW  (Dallas) and George Bush Intercontinental Airport IAH (Houston).

Top 4 Airlines to Travel Between These Two Destinations

United flights from Dallas to Houston

Cabin ClassesFareAvg flight per weekDirect flights (number)Avg time
Basic Economy$85-$95557521hr 20 min
Economy$115-$128557521hr 20 min
Economy Plus$145-$155557521hr 20 min
Business$215-$223557521hr 20 min
United flight information from Dallas to Houston

American flights from Dallas to Houston

Cabin ClassesFareAvg flight per weekDirect flights (number)Avg time
Basic Economy$88-$95212,495521hr
Main Cabin$138-$142212,495521hr
American flight information from Dallas to Houston

Spirit flights from Dallas to Houston

Cabin ClassesFareAvg flight per weekDirect flights (number)Avg time
Standard Price$150-$300600No direct flights11hrs
Savers Club$100-$150600No direct flights11hrs
Spirit flight information from Dallas to Houston

If you’re having the time and money to travel though plane, this can be a great thing to experience though the duration is a maximum of 1 hour.

However, sometimes traveling by plane might actually take longer than driving because of the time required for numerous airport processes. When traveling in big groups, the economy seats on the flights may be uncomfortable, and the tickets may be extremely costly. There is a possibility of delays, cancellations, and misplaced luggage. The distance to and from the airport must also be considered. Therefore, for those who have a reasonable budget and plenty of free time, travelling from Houston to Dallas, TX, will be a perfect option.

How Far is Dallas From Houston by Bus

While travelling by bus, the duration is almost the same as while travelling by car because the route is the same The only difference is that by car you will be able to stop and explore the scenic beauty of nature while on a bus that is not only possible through the window and nothing more.

You can benefit from the ticket price by booking in advance. The cost of tickets can range anywhere between 20$ to 50$. Depending upon the season of booking and also if you book in advance.

How Far is Dallas From Houston By Train?

The price of a train ticket is between 20$ to 50$. If you are looking to travel by train, it is suggested that you book the tickets well in advance to save up on the cost though you may be unable to save up on time as the train is time taking. But we’ve got you on that as well you can travel from Dallas to Houston on a high-speed train.

High-speed train

For years, the $30 billion railroad has been in the works. According to Texas Central, if it were constructed, it would have a top speed of 200 mph and allow commuters to travel between Dallas and Houston in around 90 minutes. The initiative, according to the firm, will assist Texas by removing vehicles from the road, producing thousands of employees, and having a billion-dollar economic effect.

Things Travelers Ask Before Traveling From Dallas to Houston

Is Dallas or Houston Cheaper?

The fact is that Dallas is 5.3% more expensive than Houston. May it be housing, groceries, or clothing, everything is costlier in Dallas as compared to Houston. Health-related expenses are also 1.7% higher in Dallas.

Is Dallas or Houston Better to live in?

Though no one can influence which is a better place to live as it is your personal decision. But when it comes to comparing, Dallas seems to have a better culture, economic status, and lower crime rate, which is best for raising a family. However, Houston offers top-notch healthcare, affordable housing, and educational opportunities.

Which city has the highest cost of living in Texas?

According to surveys, Dallas has been the most costly city for living in Texas. However, it has its own benefits, such as a low crime rate and a healthy environment to live in.

What is the fastest way to travel from Dallas to Houston?

According to the research, the best way to travel is by car as you may also enjoy the view of the natural scenic beauty. Moreover, the ride takes approximately 4 hrs which is a fair duration to travel by car.

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