9 Tips to Enhance Your Muscle Recovery

Apart from what you read on the various fitness blogs, the only better way to recover your muscles is to eat healthy foods and an adequate amount of sleep at night. If you have a poor diet, your body will not get the proper nutrients required by the body. Therefore, living a healthy lifestyle is the most important part you can perform to enhance your muscle recovery. If your diet is lacking, your muscle will not get the required recovery.

Some people believe that expensive supplements are required to get the results from their exercises. Although some supplements benefit, they do not enhance the performance unless you take care of the basics from the start.

The Importance of Recovery

Recovery after exercise is essential for repairing tissue, building strength, and muscle recovery. It is even more significant after a heavy-weight workout. For weight training exercises, you should not work out the same group of muscles for two days in a row. There are so many recovery methods. The following methods are the most common methods recommended by the experts.

Get more sleep

The relationship between sleep and exercise is still not clear exactly. Studies recommend that deprived sleep can have a negative impact on performance and muscle recovery.

Sleep impacts the whole body system that includes the heart, lungs, immune function, mood, metabolism, disease resistance, and especially the brain. Therefore, it is essential to get enough sleep after a heavy workout as it increases the speed of recovering muscles in your body.

Eat healthy recovery foods.

You need to recharge if you want your body to recover, get more muscular, repair tissues, and be prepared for the next challenge after spending your energy stored with a workout. This is the most crucial part if you perform endurance exercises every day or trying to build muscles.

Listen to music

Listening to music can turn out to be a great help to power through a heavy workout or at least helps in distracting from the soreness or feeling of pain in our body. But listening to music helps in recovering from the exercise.

Listening to slow-tempo songs can help reduce the heart rate quickly and get your blood lactate down back to the resting level, which leads to pain in the first place.

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Cool-down phase

Finish your training session with a cool-down phase exercise always for quick recovery. After completing your training, slow down your pace to recover the intensity. Your body will slowly start to return the metabolism and cardiovascular system to normal by doing this. It breaks up accumulations and decreases the hyperacidity of the muscles. This reduction in the intensity in the last few minutes of training helps speed up the body’s recovery. It also prevents the body from remobilizing too quickly.

Cool-down phase exercise
Ice bath

The muscles work so hard that it causes actual muscle damage in the case of running intensely. Thus, it is essential to concentrate on the recovery of the muscles. Taking an ice bath after working out can reduce blood circulation in the muscles and prevent internal bleeding. The blood circulation of the muscles stimulates strongly after taking an ice bath which also helps in removing the waste products.

Active relaxation training

There is a direct link between our mind and the body. Our thoughts regulate bodily responses and reactions. This natural law determines all types of active relaxation that includes progressive muscle relaxation, yoga, meditation, autogenic training, and many more. Performing a relaxation program for a minimum of 10 minutes reduces lactate concentration and tightness in the muscles. It would be best to examine which methods are suitable for you, which helps you recover fast, and which techniques are adequate for your body.

Take some protein before bed.

To avoid the severe problem of sleepwalking, we do not lose our body nutrients while sleeping. You might probably know that we produce tiny tears in our muscle tissue while working out. Then the body instantly starts restoring these tears that are fueled by the protein we intake. Studies determine that eating light and protein-rich snacks before bed helps her keep repairing the muscles while we sleep.

Drink lots of water

Drinking water helps in improving the recovery of muscles. Fluid helps in removing the metabolic loss caused by a heavy workout.

According to the American Council in Exercise, you must drink 8 ounces of water 30 minutes after exercising and 16 to 24 ounces for every pound of body weight lost while exercising. It is possible to lose about 4 litres or approximately 9 pounds of fluid every hour in the heat.


Many athletes include massage in their training to decrease the soreness of muscles. A study in 2020 shows that massage has a less but essential impact in improving flexibility and reducing muscle soreness after exercising.

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