Try These Unique Breakfast Ideas to Avoid Boredom in Your Life!

Having a healthy lifestyle is a goal for many. To achieve that, you must include having breakfast daily on your list. It improves your immune system by boosting energy levels and provides the essential nutrients to the body for good health. Eating breakfast also enhances your memory, concentration, controls cholesterol levels, reduces the chances of diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

If you skip your morning meals, that will drop the rhythm of the body, which unhealthy. The body’s blood sugar requires to make muscles and brain work the best is low after waking up, but breakfast helps restore it. Mornings are the busiest and stressful hours of the day. You are waking up, getting ready, finishing chores, rushing for work, preparing kids off to school. In the middle of these things comes breakfast which people tend to ignore, forget, or skip. Hence, here are a few unique breakfast ideas that you can’t really skip on.

Some children don’t feel like eating in the morning, which is highly unhealthy and harmful. Their bodies require nutrients to grow. Children who do not eat a healthy breakfast deal with concentration problems, mood swings, and fatigue. It becomes difficult for them to cope with their daily routines. They might become fretful and restless. You cannot fulfil the body requirements of nutrients, vitamins, minerals just from lunch and dinner. Research shows that children who eat breakfast are more likely to excel in their studies than those who don’t. And obviously, children are lovers of different food dishes every day. To make them happy and healthy, check out the list of Unique Breakfast Ideas given below.

Unique Breakfast Ideas
Unique Breakfast Ideas

In an event of your busy schedule, working in an office or going to school, you need quick breakfast recipes. Calling for just a few ingredients for a quick breakfast sounds like a life-saving idea. The ingredients that you need for these quick breakfasts are probably stuffed in your kitchen already. Omelet, pancakes, salads, upma, porridge, cheela, etc several breakfasts are not only fast but healthy too. The primary nutrients you need to include in your breakfast are carbs and proteins. Carbs give the fuel to the brain it requires and energy to your body to get started, while protein makes you feel full till your next meal and gives your power.

Your breakfast can include very simple combinations like whole-grain cereals, bread, fruits, and vegetables for carbs and milk, nuts, legumes, yoghurt, and cottage cheese for proteins.

If you love to work out in the morning, grab a snack before your workout, not a heavy meal, as the body does not digest while exercising. It can make you feel bloated and uncomfortable, especially while doing a high-intensity workout. It helps to increase your performance and reduces fatigue. 

Here are a Few Ideas for Your Breakfast Inspiration

  • Pancakes 
Unique Breakfast Ideas no. 1 -Pancakes

Pancakes are not only for the weekends. With these simple ingredients, you can make your pancakes quickly, even on your busy weekdays. You just need eggs, banana, cinnamon, maple syrup, or honey. You can make the before you start your work.

Mash a banana in a bowl. Then add eggs and cinnamon. Mix them well. Preheat the skillet over medium heat and add a spoon full of batter. Cook it for a few minutes and then flip it over to cook another side. After that, make these pancakes and serve them with maple syrup or honey.

  • Scrambled Egg Sandwiches 
Unique Breakfast idea no. 2 Scrambled Egg Sandwiches
Scrambled Egg Sandwiches

These scrambled egg sandwiches are soft and easy to make. It is a classic breakfast and is loved by all. You need bread, small diced onion salt, hot sauce, and seasoning.

Fry the diced onion in the pan until they are golden brown, and add pepper and salt. Break the egg in it and let it cook, then add hot sauce and seasoning to it. Scramble the eggs and spread them over the toast. Ready to serve!


  • Strawberry-Coconut Smoothie 
Unique Breakfast Idea no. 3 - Strawberry-Coconut Smoothie
Strawberry-Coconut Smoothie

Having a strawberry coconut smoothie is a good start for the day. The taste and texture of the smoothie can make anyone happy, and the bonus is that it’s filled with nutrients. All you need is a cup of frozen strawberries, a frozen banana, one-fourth cup of almond milk, one-fourth cup of shredded coconut, one-fourth cup of yoghurt. 

Blend the frozen banana and strawberries in milk. Put the yoghurt in the bowl as a base, then place the blended mixture on it. You can now add the shredded coconut as a topping. Moreover, you can add as many fruits as toppings as you want.

These were some of the unique breakfast ideas for all those who crave new ingredients in their food every other day. Also, if you are someone who is on intermittent fasting or want to try dieting. Here are a few food ideas for you as well.

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