Traditional Togolese Foods Everyone Should Try

Just 70 miles huge, the West African state of Togo sits at the Atlantic Ocean among Ghana to the west and Benin to the east.

Like a number of the international locations within the location, Togo’s population of around eight million people is made up of a collective of tribes that straddle either aspect of its present day-day borders.

Due to its narrowness and the reality Togo is home to greater than 30 specific tribal groupings, culinary impacts have come and long gone throughout its borders for centuries.

In addition, colonization using European forces has additionally performed a role. While the have the effect on of u . S . A .’s short German period of rthe yule may additionally no longer be particularly glaring beyond its lagers, the French had a huge have an impact on Togo’s delicacies while they administered the united states.

Here are the pinnacle traditional ingredients from Togo to look out for.

Groundnut soup

The groundnut, or peanut, is a staple crop in Togo and is used to make numerous conventional dishes as a result. One of the most commonplace is groundnut soup.

While peanuts floor right into a paste-like crunchy peanut butter is the main ingredient and number one taste, the soup also contains a powerful kick of uziza seeds (a local shrub associated with black pepper), and bitter leaf. This is the nearby equal to spinach, with a mild bitterness to its taste.

The soup gets further punch from the addition of sparkling ginger, which is softened in potency by way of different ingredients that include onion, tomatoes, auberg,ine, and okra. Left to simmer, the soup turns richly infused with all of those flavours.


Served with groundnut soup and plenty of greater of Togo’s traditional dishes, fufu is an aspect dish with the appearance and general consistency of uncooked dough, being barely elastic but also gentle at the palate when eaten.

Its taste is mild, and every so often a touch bitter to western tastes, relying on what the fufu has been crafted from. It is commonly dipped into soups or sauces, and it’s from these that fufu adopts most of its flavor.

Fufu is made with the aid of pounding down some of the region’s staple plants. Most normally it’s miles crafted from cassava tubers, but semolina (coarse wheat flour) and maize (corn) can also be used.

Often fufu in Togo is a blend of cassava and inexperienced plantain. The vegetation is mixed with a touch water r to form the dough-like texture, and served warm with meals during the day.


Credit: Herweleke • CC BY-SA four.Zero

Togo is not recognized for its desserts, which generally include sparkling tropical fruits along with pineapple, banana, or mango.

However, in case you stroll along the streets of any metropolis inside u . S . A ., you’re in all likelihood to come upon small sachets of what appears like frozen milk.

Known as Akpan or akasha, those sachets include a form of fermented maize yogurt enjoyed in each Togo and Benin.

Akpan is made with the aid of combining fermented corn kernels or their powder with condensed milk and ice. To enjoy it, Togolese sincerely make a tear inside the plastic of the sachet with their tooth and suck the Akpan at once into their mouths.


Their French call suggests the origins of brochettes a long way higher than something else ought to.

Easy to locate on the streets along Akpan, brochettes are what many people could describe as a kebab. They consist of portions of meat or fish fed onto a metal skewer and barbequed over hot coals.

Brochettes shape an inexpensive avenue meals, but additionally, make a regular look on the menus of restaurants during the united states.

Usually, red meats consisting of mutton, goat, or beef are used, so that the natural fats in the meats lead them to be smooth and succulent. Pork is less, not unusual because of the population of Muslims in the u …. ..

The pieces of meat at the skewers are sometimes accompanied by way of chunks of onion. Brochettes also regularly come served topped with a chili powder or hot sauce.

Obama dessi

Obama dessi is a prime dish combining meats with leafy vegetables in a stewing sauce with a tomato base.

It is usually organized the usage of bird, as this is probably the maximum commonplace animal protein eaten in Togo after fish.

In its most actual versions, the hen is cooked slowly in water with roughly chopped onions, carrots, and celery. Only then is the chicken pro with spices which include ajowan, cardamom, ginger, and nutmeg, and fried to brown the beef.

The liquid in which the fowl became to start with cooked paperwork the premise of the sauce using adding tomatoes or tomato paste and then the leafy veggies so they wilt down.

Jollof Rice

Of the place’s many dishes, jollof rice is possibly to be the only satisfactory known round the sector way to a long time of migration. And even as it’s miles most customarily connected to nearby Nigeria, it’s also a traditional dish of Togo’s.

For folks that don’t recognize, jollof rice is a one-pot dish that sees rice cooked along s withpices along with scotch bonnet peppers, curry powder, and nutmeg. To this, local veggies which include onions, tomatoes, and bell peppers are introduced.

The dish’s recognizable yellow-orange coloring is the result of the usage of tomato puree and a inventory dice. The dish can be served in its vegetarian form, however can even regularly have hen, fish, or beef protected.


Akara is a savory doughnut or fritter made from the cowpea. The peas are cooked first, so that they are gentle to the touch, and then mashed right into a paste.

The paste is given salt to season it, and small portions of chopped onion. It is fashioned into flattened spheres and deep-fried in oil. Traditionally this would be the local palm oil, with its crimson tinge.

It is thought that Akara developed many of the Yoruba human beings of Nigeria earlier than spreading across West Africa. Here Akara had a symbolic role in mourning the death of an elder, and as a signal of victory in war.

Popular at breakfast, that is when you’ll discover Akara at their freshest, even though they’re cooked in the day as a snack food too.

Koko meme

Koko meme is Togo’s variation of grilled fowl. As we’ve already cited, the hen is a common supply of protein inside u . S . A ., particularly faraway from the Atlantic Coast, so it ought to be no surprise that this sort of dish exists.

Koko meme is usually prepared with the legs of the hen, because breasts generally tend to dry out. Placed on a grill over an open flame till cooked thru, the meat takes on a smoky flavor. When at their nice, the drumsticks remain complete of their herbal juices too.

Marinated with ginger and garlic in advance, these flavors are enhanced in addition by way of including a chili sauce after grilling. It’s usually drizzled over the legs, but also can be served at the facet.

Riz sauce d’arachide

Simply translating from the French as ‘peanut sauce rice’, that’s quite a lot the backbone of this dish explained.

While the rice is cooking, a thick oily sauce is made by grinding down peanuts in a pestle and mortar. When the rice is ready and has been drained, the sauce is poured on top.

Filling sufficient in itself because of the fat content of the peanuts, showier versions of this dish, which include the ones you’ll locate in restaurants, tend to incorporate some meat.

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