Tabor Hill Winery

Tabor Hill has witnessed the addition of a gourmet restaurant that showcases cellar performance through wine vapours, the expansion and renovation of the original building, and the construction of a larger production facility and warehouse for continued growth. 

How much does Tabor Hill Winery produce?

Today, the winery continues the legacy, producing over 60,000 cases of wine a year, signing gastronomic events throughout the year, and an excellent venue for weddings and special events at the award-winning Estate Tent, which opened in 2018 and can accommodate up to 220 guests. Soon, the construction of a castle-style cellar and a tasting room building began, which remains the centre of Taborski Hill today.    

Since the late 1970s, the David Upton family has owned the winery. Since then, many wineries have increased significantly and produced drier wines.   

You can taste one of their sparkling wines, roses, cherry dessert wine, dry reds, dry white or semi-sweet white and red wines and visit the winery. Our regular walking tours take you through the vineyard through rows of oak barrels that hold aged wines. Our local wine experts will guide you through our wine list to choose from, including our award-winning Grand Mark.    

The Mersch family opened Heart of the Vineyard, now Round Barn, in 1992. Michigan’s 121 commercial wineries bottling over 2.3 million gallons of wine a year, making Michigan the number 10. Wine production. Approximately 2,850 acres are dedicated to wine grapes, making Michigan the fifth largest wine grape production in the country. 

What all are the best stops near the winery?

You can visit the surrounding areas near Baroda, Buchanan, and Berrien Springs, where several wineries are part of the Lake Michigan Wine Route. Next door is the tasting room of the St. Julian’s Winery, the oldest and largest winery in the state, located in Popo, Michigan. It is located at E. 398 Lemon Creek in Berrien, Michigan, near Lemon Creek Winery.   

Also, in downtown Baroda, be sure to visit Chill Hill at 8986 1st St. Tabor Hill, home to a fine selection of award-winning wines, but for those craving, a more brutal drink, expect a full bar. And no one does it better than Tabor Hill, Michigan’s first winery, to create a gourmet dining experience based on the philosophy that fine wines work best when paired with an equally distinctive culinary experience.

Sandra Silfven, a former Detroit News wine columnist, said Tabor Hill was one of the pioneering and forward-thinking wineries of the 1970s. He points to Tabor Hills’ desire to experiment with the latest varieties and technologies as the reason the winery is ranked nationally as one of Michigan’s top wineries. Here, customers are pleased with the ever-changing menu that includes seasonal ingredients. Floor-to-ceiling windows in the dining room offer unparalleled views of the vineyard, while the palate indulges in delectable aromas.   

We use the latest and most advanced tools to provide accurate and realistic analyzes. They often conduct focus groups to get first-hand information about their winemaking development and ensure they are keeping up with the growing trends in their region.

The Quality Inn & Suites: Niles is located close to the beaches of Lake Michigan, the University of Notre Dame, wineries and the Four Winds Casino. With a satisfying list of amenities, guests will find their stay comfortable.   
The tent on the estate is impressive... All of our guests were stunned by the beauty of the entire wedding amid lush vineyards. It is as if the breeze rustles through the vineyards, whispering stories of past charm and comfort, taste and experience. We are a family with a passion for the most refined pleasures in life: great food and good wine.

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