Rosa Saavedra Marriage, Children, Net Worth, and Relations

Pedro Rivera’s ex-girlfriend, Rosa Saavedra, is an American musician. On April 18, 1948, she was born in the Mexican city of Hermosillo, Sonora. Rosa is currently 73 years old. She travelled to America in search of a better life for herself and her ex-husband. Her years in the United States were arduous, but she emerged as another American who craved difficult labour and achievement. Rosa and her ex-boyfriend absconded when she was fourteen years old. After Rosa’s father recorded a grumble against him, he was sentenced to prison. Her life before arriving in America was unremarkable. Pedro, on the other hand, began by selling lottery tickets before they disappeared. They co-created a daily living that gave birth to exceptional performers like Jenni and Luppi Rivera.

Who exactly is Pedro Rivera?

Pedro Rivera
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Pedro Rivera is known as “El Patriarca Del Corrido,” the legend who revolutionized the American record industry. He is a regional Mexican singer, composer, and performer.


Pedro Rivera was her one and only husband. They met in Mexico, where they lived close together, and married in 1963. As events unfolded, their futures were inextricably linked, although in a different country. They spent 45 years together as a married couple. They battled the issue of setting sail on their boat and having children as the years passed. Regardless, their incredible romantic story came to an end when they divorced in 2008. Pedro claims Rosa made the decision.

Rosa Saavedra Children

The children she and Pedro had together are an essential part of their relationship. Rosa had six children, five of whom were able to support themselves. Pete Rivera, her oldest child, was born in 1964, and she had several more children after that. Her children were raised in a close-knit music family because her better half is a musician with a record label. It’s no wonder that Lupillo Rivera, her son, is also a talented artist.

Rosa Saavedra Lost Her Daughter in an Accident

Like the rest of the world, she awoke to new information about her daughter’s plane crash. On December 9, 2012, Jenni’s plane crashed while returning after a gig in Mexico. Jenni astonished the Banda music community with her abilities as a female singer in a male-dominated genre. She received two Oye Awards in Mexico and has impacted many people through her foundation work. Fans and her family were devastated by the shocking revelation. She was 43 years old at the time of her death.

Rosa Saavedra Husband Remarried

The end of Rosa and Pedro’s 45-year marriage hasn’t deterred her ex-husband. He has persevered and is giving love another chance. Pedro married his better half, Juana Ahunada, in a secret wedding attended by both of them in 2019. His admirers and devotion regard his announcement of his marriage as a central joke. They wouldn’t be concerned by the age gap between them. Pedro isn’t the type to hold back; he’s kissed admirers in front of his significant other.

Rosa Saavedra Net Worth

She spent much of her life as Pedro Rivera’s better half and mother to Jenni Rivera and her family behind the cameras. It’s unclear whether she had a profession or not. Her children and ex, on the other hand, turned out to be fantastic. Her ex-husband is a multimillionaire with a net worth of $4 million. His total riches were from his musical creations. Jenni, their little girl, is possibly the wealthiest of the Riveras, even in death. Her total assets were valued at $25 million at the time of her death in 2012. Until now, her home is still making money, which is one of the main reasons the Rivera family disputes.

Where Is Rosa Saavedra?

Rosa is in excellent health. Rosa is forced to figure out how to live with her quarrelling kids and grandkids after her daughter passes away in her prime. She was set on having knots on her vocal ropes in 2013. According to some stories, she was later discovered with cancerous growth, but she made a full recovery. She stepped out to defend her sister, auntie Pita, who was accused of mistreating her daughter. Rosa tries to keep her family together while living in secrecy and struggling with her child’s death.

Rosa Saavedra Net Worth
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Her Children Are Quarrelling Each Other

Jenni’s death helped to make the Rivera children popular, especially those who were previously unknown. As a result, their popularity cast a pall on the media attention they were receiving. The Riveras have had several quarrels among themselves over the years. Jenni’s daughter, Chiquiz, and her mother were unable to communicate during her death. Jenni had blamed Chiquiz for sleeping with Esteban Loaiza, her better half. The skirmishes took on a new shape when she died. Lupillo, her brother, has battled his siblings, while her sister has ripped into her cousins. The most ominous conflict is over her will and control over it. Rosie was in charge of Jenni Rivera’s projects when she died, but she had to leave. Jenni’s children accused her of misappropriating funds. Jenni’s last child, Johnny, discovered that his mother’s kin had left them out of his mother’s legacy. He wouldn’t mind seeing Rosie or Juan again as it is. The Riveras’ feud is linked to the death of their sister and the need for an individual addition.

Rosa And Her Son Lupillo Do Not Speak To Each Other

Rivera’s fights appear to go on indefinitely. Another unexpected twist is Lupillo’s abusive relationship with his mother, Rosa. This seems to be History retelling the same story, but with different characters. Jenni, his sister, had a bad relationship that prevented her from talking to her girl, Chiquiz. Chiquiz was removed from her will. Lupillo and his mother are the only ones left. Except for his father, Don Pedro Rivera, he had been estranged from various members of his family for a long time. Rosa is unable to identify any faults between them that have caused their relationship to sour.

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