Sasha Banks pinned down by WWE?

WWE reportedly released Sasha banks as per the latest tweet shared by Raj Giri.

Sasha banks recently staged a walkout from the Monday Night show along with her co-star Naomi.

Although, initially, WWE put her on an indefinite suspension without any monetary benefits or pay. Her contract was under advancement, due within the coming two months.

There is no clarity as of now whether she was deliberately under obligation by WWE. It might be a self-decision by the 30-year-old mega woman star of WWE.

After the staged walkout by Sasha, WWE reflected their disappointment through social media and various public statements.

WWE has removed all the various references to Sasha Banks from their graphics, merchandise, and various apparel.

Who is Sasha Banks?

Mercedes Justin Kaestner- Varnado, known by her stage name Sasha Banks was born on 26 January 1992. Sasha made her WWE debut in August 2012.

She is the 5-time winner of the WWE Women’s Championship and is also a former NXT  Women’s Champion. She also had the remarkable privilege of co-main eventing WrestleMania 37’s  Night 1 with Bianca Belair.

Banks is also famous for her appearances on the Northern United States Independent Circuit.

Interestingly she is the cousin of famous rapper Snoop Dogg. Sasha Banks is a fan of K-pop and the intriguing anime ‘Sailor Moon’.

Who is Sasha Bank’s husband?

Sarath Ton is a former professional wrestler who now works as a costume designer. In June 2012, he made his WWE debut on RAW by the ring name Rutherford Hayes. His involvement in the promotion was less with time.

On May 21, 2015, he got his NXT debut three years later. Following an injury incurred during a fight in 2015, he started working for The WWE as a costume designer. He is famous by the ring name kid Mikaze.

Ton’s net worth is around the $500,000 range.

Sarath Ton reacts to accusations against his wife, Sasha Banks.

Sarath ‘Mikaze’ Ton, Sasha Banks’ husband, reacts to allegations that his wife and her tag-team partner, Naomi, were withdrawn from WWE live events following their walkout during RAW on Monday.

“The bullshit being spewed is next level,” Ton tweeted in revert to a Ringside News piece.

Furthermore, the website – which multiple wrestlers and fans have previously chastised – said that Banks “distanced everyone backstage” and “is not very well” after her absence on Monday night.

Some of Banks’ former WWE teammates, including Bayley and Shayna Baszler, as well as former WWE talents Dax Harwood and Mia Yim, have openly shown their support for Banks and Naomi on social media.

What’s next for Sasha Banks after WWE?

There are no fewer options for Sasha Banks for an alternate career option. Be it the mainstream Hollywood or pursuing the pop culture like some of her well-established cousins,  Snoop Dogg.

Sasha Banks might reconsider or sort ways for her to return to the WWE. There is no doubt that she is one of the top-listed and buzz-creating women wrestlers of all time.

Fans duly await to see her live and in steamy action.

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