Bill Kahan Kapri, aka Kodak black, is known for his rap songs, immense stage performance, and legal issues. But is this true that Kodak black net worth always stands between him and his legal issues? the whole world recognized his American origin with his single “No Flockin,” which came to the industry in 2014. After Kodak Black’s birthday on June 11, 1997, in Pompano Beach, Florida, his mom, “Marcelene octave.” raised him.  He used to live in Golden acres with his mom, which was a public housing project in pompano beach. He pushed his career to the start-line at the age of 12 after joining a rap group named Brutal Young. “How old is kodak black?” that should be a question to anyone. As a note, he is currently 25 years old.

Is Kodak Black Net Worth His Hard-Earned Money or Controversial One?

He makes the most of the income from studio albums or singles that he sells, lives shows, and a lot of collaboration. There was always a controversy about his earned money, But according to the latest data, Kodak black’s net worth is around $600 thousand to $1 million. But this net worth of Kodak black doesn’t fit every perspective of his life.

how tall is kodak black

Some of the sources say Kodak black net worth is much more than $1 million. Some sources even say currently he is one of the wealthiest rappers in the world. Flaunting all his jewelry or a “Richie rich” lifestyle makes him look rich as the earned money stands for a significant amount.

Kodak Black and His Presence In Music

From Us Billboard 200 to Billboard hot 100, he always reserved a position for himself only through his music that falls in different genres like hip hop, trap, and mumble. The second studio album of his career goes by the name of “Dying to live,” which made the first position on the Billboard 200, and “Zeze’ a track from that album, made the second position on Billboard hot 100. He released his debut album, Painting pictures, in 2017. Black’s achievements are taller than his height of 5 feet 6 inches and the age of 25.

Love Life and All About His ‘Only One:

Everyone is curious about kodak black’s girlfriend. Now, if we talk about his love life, then we can say it’s kinda complicated. It has always been like a mystery for his fans. His rumored girlfriend Denise posted a story writing, “Date kinda nervous and some hours later she posted a photo with Kodak black.

how old is kodak black

Then Kodak got engaged with Mellow Rackz. He has also been spotted dating Maranda Jhonson. Kodak black has two kids with two different partners, and their names are King and Yuri. King is the baby of Black and his ex-partner Jammiah Broomfield, and Yuri had a birth from Maranda Jhonson. Rumors said that he begged Kim Kardashian to Date after she announced herself as Single.

Law’s Possession in His Life:

Kodak Black’s current age is 25, but he has already faced a lot of legal issues at this early age. From weapon possession to drug trafficking, Black got arrested in every way.

 He was placed in a young detention center three times a year.

 In 2015 he got arrested for robbery and other crimes.

 In 2016 he again got arrested for possession of marijuana, false imprisonment, and armed robbery. Then the law made him appear in court and sentenced him to a year of house arrest. He also got charged with criminal sexual conduct or rape. But Kodak got released from custody after posting a $100000 bond. Later on, he again got arrested and sentenced to 4 months of detention.

He was allegedly charged with several crimes. But recently, he got shot after Justin Beiber’s Super Bowl party. Kodak Black is in Stable Condition After Shooting Incident now. Do you want to know more about the Kodok black shooting incident?

Kodak Black’s Charity and A Glimpse Of Good Soul:

A lot of people can think that this public figure is all about crime and Money-money. But actually, the truth is he donates enough to the needy ones. on 2018; he contributed $10000 to an early children’s education provider. Later he announced that he was going to build a school in Haiti.

In November 2018, he donated enough money to a childcare organization to provide gifts to 150 children in the area. Then he donated a significant amount for the Christmas part of the organization.

Whatever, with a roller coaster ride, Black is doing great in his career. Probably he has already faced a lot of legal issues and committed a lot of crimes, but Kodak is a very talented young new school artist without any doubt. His music is bringing a new dimension to the new school hip-hop industry.


What was Kodak’s highest Net Worth?

According to the data, Kodak has a net worth of a total of $1 million.

Is Kodak a millionaire?

As of April 2022, the Net worth of Kodak is somewhere around $1 million. Most of his money comes from albums, singles, or mixtapes that he sold, solo performances, and some collaborations.

Who is the wealthiest rapper in the world?

Rappers earn a massive chunk of their money from their rapping career. But believing the data, currently, Jay-z is the wealthiest rapper in the world with a net worth of $1.5 billion.

What is Drake’s net worth?

Drake has already given us many ear candies. And globally, he is a vast and very successful public figure in the hip-hop music industry. According to the updated data, Drake has a net worth of $260 Million.

Who is the highest-paid male rapper?

According to long-time Forbes editor Zack O’Malley Greenburg, Jay-z and sean ‘Diddy’ combinations are the wealthiest.

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