Rosa Saavedra – Husband, Net Worth, Kids & Relationship

Rosa Saavedra is a renowned name in the world of acting. He has many fans and has directed many films. However, Rosa Saavedra was known for her tragedies and family crises more than for acting.    

Rosa Saavedra Ex Husband

Pedro Rivera’s Stats

  • Date of Birth – February 23, 1947
  • Height – 6ft. 1inch
  • Weight – 55kg
  • Zodiac – Pisces

Rosa’s ex-husband’s name, Pedro Rivera, is a Mexican regional artist. According to sources, he has traveled all over the world on tour and is very much loved by the Latins. 

Pedro loves creating and composing music and is also an actor. Pedro Rivera Cervantes was born on February 23, 1947, in La Braque, Mexico.    

 He did various odd jobs and then got into the music industry. He touched upon the professions of a farmer, photographer, seller, etc. In 1966, Pedro moved to the United States. After several years in the United States, he changed his name to El Patriarca del Corrido. 

According to reports, Pedro Rivera completely changed the US music industry and became a legend overnight. His persistence paid off as he rose to fame as a composer, professional actor, and producer. In 1988 he founded his own company called Cintas Acuarios. 

This company has become one of the largest Latin record labels in the world. The ex-husband of Rosa Saavedra created many emerging artists under his label, such as El Chapo de Sinaloa, Los Razors, etc. 

Rosa Saavedra and Pedro Marriage

Rosa Saavedra and Pedro Marriage
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There is not much information about how Rosa Amelia Saavedra and Pedro Rivera first met.   

But according to sources and reports, they both got married in 1963. In total, the couple has six children. Their children’s names are Pete Rivera, Gustavo Rivera, Jenny Rivera, Lupillo Rivera, Juan Rivera, and Rosie Rivera Flores. Rosa Amelia Saavedra divorced in 2003. However, their marriage only lasted a few years, from 1963 to 2003.    

Rosa Saavedra’s ex-husband’s net worth?

Rosa Saavedra’s ex-husband’s fortune is estimated at $ 4 million, according to sources. Much of his legacy comes from the music industry, where he works as a composer as well as an actor. 

Rosa and Pedro’s kids

Rosa Saavedra and Pedro have six children, namely Pete Rivera, Gustavo Rivera, Jenny Rivera, Lupillo Rivera, Juan Rivera, and Rosie Rivera Flores. Each of Rosa’s children has its own story and story. They all have different professions and perform well in their respective fields.   


When Rosa was diagnosed with cancer, she was reportedly encouraged by the children but decided to remain publicly silent.

Every child of Rosa Saavedra is successful in their life and has a large net worth. Pete Rivera’s fortune is $ 12.5 million, Gustavo Rivera – from $ 1 to 7 million, Lupillo Rivera – $ 12.5 million, Rosie Rivera – $ 14 million, and Juan Rivera – equity Is $ 10 million. 

Rosa’s life after her cancer diagnoses

After being diagnosed with cancer, Rosa Amelia Saavedra enjoys a quiet life. There is no detailed information about his luxurious lifestyle and his belongings. Rose is more involved with her family, children, and grandchildren. 

Who is Rosa now married to?

According to sources, Rosa Saavedra has no ongoing romance. After her divorce from Pedro Rivera, she had no relationship.    

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