latest buzz on social media on MOSES INGRAM is nothing new but another brilliant actor coming under the claws of inevitable fan abuse and hate. It has become a trend that a celeb is centred and wholeheartedly abused with various remarks and racist comments every month or another. Recently Moses Ingram revealed that she is the latest victim of hate and abuse as she made it public that she received vast numbers of racist messages filled with hate and abuse on her social media handles.

So, who is Moses Ingram?

The 29-year-old actress is from WEST BALTIMORE, where she grew up in a family of six children with a mediocre household lifestyle but a house filled with love and hope. The fortune shifted for her when she graduated from the BALTIMORE SCHOOL of ARTS in 2012.

She had an opportunity to study at HOWARD UNIVERSITY, but she had to skip that due to financial limitations. However, this did not demotivate her at any level as soon she received an opportunity to study in THE YALE SCHOOL OF DRAMA with a scholarship. Before commencing her studies there, she changed her name to MOSES.

Notable work of Ingram 

  1. In the QUEEN’S GAMBIT series, where she played the character of Jolene.
  2. The SAME STORM drama.
  3. The TRAGEDY OF MACBETH, where she played the character of LADY MACDUFF.
  4. In Michael Bay’s AMBULANCE.
  5. Currently, she stars in the Disney + Star Wars spin-off “OBI-WAN -KENOBI”.

Also, after giving due credit and noting her EMMY nominations, VARIETY named her one of the ten actors to look up for in the year 2021.

Why did Moses Ingram receive all the hate and abuse?

Moses Ingram received all this outbreak due to her character in the latest Star Wars spin-off premiere on Disney + Star. The hateful messages and comments she received were vigorously filled with the ‘n word’, stating her casting as a “diversity hire “. Some fans made it absolutely personal after commenting that her “days are numbered ‘. It is absolutely outrageous behaviour by the fans this time. What is more notable is that the outcry by the fans is not based on any actual logical reason but just for the sake of blabbing absolutely anything out of their mouth.

The supporting voices for Moses Ingram

The STAR WARS FRANCHISE came out in support of the fine actress and stated that ‘a true fan of the show would be absolutely against it, and if some people have done it, then they are no true fans but just “pseudo fans “of the show.

Also, Ewan McGregor supported her fellow actress in public, saying that this is absolutely sick behaviour by the fans this time and it is senseless as it does not have any basis to it. He also suggested that true fans will not act or behave this way for any of the characters played by any artist.

A bunch of true fans of the show used social media and made it public that people who are involved in the abuse of the fine actress are not the true fans of such a GOAT fiction.

Time to numb the haters

abuse, receiving racist comments and so on affects the overall integrity and purpose of the artist as their sole purpose is to do their work with dedication and only hope for the public perception about it. Be it praising or criticism, there is a way to channelise it as a fan, and abusing is definitely not the ideal way to do it.   

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