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This article will present a valid comparison between the Alaska saver vs Main cabin experience. Alaska airline offers two economy options in cabin class. Alaska saver is the most cost-efficient, while the Main cabin or standard economy costs a little more than the economy saver.

There are some similarities along with major differences for both types of fares. However, the selection of fares is not available on every Alaska Airlines. Let’s understand everything about Alaska saver vs Main cabin traveling across the USA.

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Alaska Saver vs Main Cabin: Travel Experience

Alaska Saver vs Main Cabin

The best way to decide which one to choose is to take into consideration every experience there is when traveling via air.

Carry-on Bags

  • Passengers are allowed to carry one backpack without any extra charges for both types of fares.
  • Travelers may consider getting a full-size backpack to take the maximum benefit while traveling in these cabins.
  • There is a maximum size limit for carry-on backpacks of 22x14x9 inches.

Personal Item

  • Both types of fare allow personal items in the Alaska saver vs main cabin comparison.
  • A personal item is an item other than a small carry-on backpack.
  • The allotted space for the personal item is under the seat, so it is advisable not to carry a big size personal item.
  • Ideal personal item options are a small purse or a duffle bag.

Check-in Baggage

  • There is a standard check-in baggage fee for both types of fare.
  • Travelers have to pay $30 for the first bag and $40 for the second bag.
  • Elite-status passengers traveling in these cabin classes will continue with the elite check-in baggage benefits.
  • Travelers who have an Alaska Airlines credit card will be applicable for free check-in of their baggage, irrespective of their cabin class.

Seat Preference/ Selection

  • Passengers do not get an opportunity to select seats for Saver economy.
  • For Saver economy, seats are allotted at the airport or while the check-in process.
  • Saver economy passengers come last on the seat priority list.
  • Usually, Saver economy travelers get a middle seat in case of a full flight.
  • The chances of getting a window or aisle seat are only when there are fewer passengers on the flight in the case of Alaska saver vs main cabin comparison.
  • Whereas Main Cabin or standard economy passengers get the opportunity to select seats. However, main cabin passengers are second last on the priority list.
  • Also, if any elite status member is traveling on either of the cabin classes, they might be given seat selection or preference opportunities.


  • Saver economy passengers usually get boarding in the E cabin.
  • Whereas, Main cabin passengers might get seated in C or D cabins.
  • The main issue with D& E cabins is the scarcity of space for personal item storage.
  • However, the airline will check in your bags for free if there is no space for storage in the cabin.

Flight Experience

  • In-flight comparison for Alaska saver vs Main cabin experience is absolutely the same.
  • The passenger will get the same types of seats, Wifi, leg space, and reclining.
  • USB ports are available for the cabins.
  • Passengers can select their preferences from the menu.
  • Both cabin passengers can have complimentary drinks and snacks.
  • Overall, there is no major difference in in-flight experience for the economy cabins. 
  • Elite passengers traveling in either cabin will get a free and complimentary snack or beverage options as entitled in their status.

Refund and Change Applicability

Refund and Change Applicability
  • Saver economy passengers cannot make a flight change.
  • Whereas main cabin travelers can make a flight change with applicable charges of fare difference (If any). 
  • Both types of fares are allowed to cancel their flight within the initial 24 hours of flight booking without any due charges or penalty.
  • Same-day Standby or same-day confirmations are not applicable for saver fare passengers.

Rewards & Upgrades

  • Saver fare and standard economy tickets are applicable to get full base miles as per the distance.
  • Both types of fares are eligible for cabin upgrades.
  • However, if passengers upgrade from saver economy to premium or first-class cabin, then the Saver fare restriction will still be applicable.
  • In case of any refund process, the rules of the original cabin fare will be applicable.
  • Therefore, it is important for passengers to be absolutely sure before upgrading from these cabins.

Bottom Line

  • In the case of Alaska saver vs main cabin, the prices only differ by some fraction of dollars.
  • Main cabin tickets are only around $10-$50 more than the Saver economy cabins.
  • Overall, passengers should only choose saver cabin tickets when they are sure about their dates, destination, and cabin class.
  • If passengers are not sure about their final needs on the flight, then they must book the main cabin or the standard economy option.
  • The only two major differences are seat selection and refund in both the fares.

Disclaimer: The information at display on this page is subject to differ for certain locations. The airline is not liable to notify the customer prior to any changes in the guidelines for Alaska saver vs main cabin comparison. For more information, visit the official website of Alaska Airlines.


Can I earn miles points when flying in a Saver economy cabin with Alaska Airlines?

Passengers will get the exact miles they are liable to get as per the flight distance. Alaska Airlines offer mile points in every cabin if passengers either apply for it or are eligible by default.

What are the major differences between the Alaska saver vs main cabin experience?

Main cabin tickets have two advantages over Saver economy, which are:
●     Seat Selection
●     Refund for flight cancellation. (Applicable for Saver economy under 24-hour cancellation policy.)

What is the price difference between Alaska Airlines Main vs Saver cabin?

There is a $10-$50 price difference between Saver & Main cabin tickets with Alaska Airlines. Also, there is a similar in-flight experience for both the cabin class.

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