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With the present circumstances of covid-19 new variant Omicron, many countries have put restrictions for international travels, Switzerland also has set some travel restrictions accordingly.

While entering Switzerland from the United States should present a completed entry form. It is mandatory to fill out an electronic entry form on the computer or smartphone at the earliest 48 hours before travel to receive the QR code by email. The code is mandatory to be kept in hand at security upon arrival in Switzerland. If by any chance you are unable to fill out a form or false information is found, you will be charged a fine by the controlling authority of Switzerland.

Travel Restrictions in Switzerland for the U.S.A. Travelers

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Vaccinated Travelers

Vaccinated travelers are allowed to enter if they present:

  1. A valid covid-19 vaccination certificate showing full vaccination with an authorized vaccine.
  2. Validity of the covid-19 vaccination certificate in Switzerland

By January 31, 2022, =365 days from the last dose

From February 1st, 2022 = 270 days from the last vaccine dose.

Unvaccinated Travelers

Under travel restrictions in Switzerland, unvaccinated travelers are not allowed to enter the country unless they:

  1. Are below 18 and traveling with an adult who is fully vaccinated
  2. Owns a valid swiss EU, EFTA passport or residence permit
  3. Associated to another category approved to enter Switzerland.
  4.  Find themselves in case of special requirements.

Must provide the given medical documents (Only from age of 16).

A negative covid-19 PCR test was taken within a prior 72 hours or the rapid antigen test takes before 24 hours before the departure.

General information for travelers regarding restrictions on travel to Switzerland

If one is deciding to visit Switzerland from other nations, you must check the travel restrictions of Switzerland.

At this point time, airlines have taken control of deciding which passengers can travel and to whom they will deny. Switzerland authorities are not responsible if you are denied travel.

And also kindly be noted that public health and medical requirements might change at short notice. The Switzerland executives in the U.S.A.  cannot assure that the given information about the travel restrictions of Switzerland will be valid at the time of travel and will not be accountable for the same.


Right now, travelers coming to Switzerland from the U.S.A. do not have to go into quarantine. yet if the traveler has coronavirus 10 days before the entry in Switzerland you need to go for quarantine after the arrival. This is applied to people who are fully vaccinated or have recovered from covid-19.

If you have little symptoms then also test will be conducted and if that comes to be negative you will be asked to isolate yourself at home till you have no longer the symptoms for 24 hours.

And in case your test came positive you will be asked to go quarantine centers arranged by the authorities.

Vaccines are permitted for entry at the time of travel restrictions in Switzerland.

Travelers who are fully vaccinated with one of the given vaccines can enter Switzerland:

  1. Pfizer/Bio-N-Tech
  2. Moderna
  3. AstraZeneca
  4. Janssen / Johnson & Johnson
  5. Sino-pharm
  6. Sino-vac
  7. Covaxin
  8. Nova-vax

Travelers who are vaccinated with two different vaccines are considered to be fully vaccinated if:

-The vaccines used have been permitted by the authorities in Switzerland and the EU or are on the WHO emergency list

-They were directed by the following under the regulations of the state in which the vaccine took place.

Vaccination should be recorded in the form of a recognized certificate or any other proof of vaccination. Including your last name first name and date of birth, the proof of vaccination should also include the date of vaccination and the vaccine used.

Can I enter with a Foreign Certificate?

Yes, the certificates from EU/EFTA countries and those issued by third countries that are interlinked to the EU system can also be used to enter Switzerland. Although you should still check the compulsory testing requirements on entry, the certificate alone does not allow you to enter the country.

Entry with children:

If you are planning to visit Switzerland with children there are some restrictions that one has to follow.

1. The entry form duty is applied for children as well for all ages who arrive in Switzerland through the air or long routes bus. They can be allowed to enter on the adult entry form.

2. The quarantine requirement after arriving in Switzerland from different countries with a variant of concern also includes for children of all ages, even if they are fully vaccinated or recovered from covid-19.

3. Children who are under 16 are excluded from the test requirements unless they are arriving from the country, and have a large number of cases. In this case, they should get their test done before departing from the country and after arrival in Switzerland also.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why do I need to fill out an entry form?

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