Did you know? 6 Health Habits are way worse than your junk food

We all indulge in treats now and again. But after having a bacon cheeseburger or nachos, you might feel low energy shortly afterward. It would help if you had healthy homemade meals for the long term. That are not health habits for you will most likely have negative consequences – and this is no different. Among the various bad decisions we make, there is a good chance that they’re doing more damage than an occasional cheeseburger!

Below are some habits that might be worsening your health.

Below are some habits that might be worsening your health.

Do you over-exercise?

 Most people think that the more they exercise, the better off they are. But let’s face it – most people don’t exercise enough. Some so many people are obese these days.

But when people go on a diet, they’ll often overdo it and spend hours at the gym every day, neglecting their personal life. Here’s what to do instead:

  • Start slow.
  • Exercise an hour each day.
  • Adjust as you start feeling more comfortable with your body.

There’s no doubt that exercising has many benefits, but don’t overdo it, or else it will hurt your body and mind. It should be a part of your life, not take it over.

Have you been setting unrealistic expectations?

The world of social media is full of beautiful people showcasing their makeovers and exotic vacations. And it’s pretty hard not to feel insecure about yourself after looking at those perfect photos. It can be hard to remember that edited those selfies with filters and photoshopped images. Whenever you feel like your results are lacking, remember that these aspiring photographers don’t just get the perfect shot- they also touch it up. It makes sense to be kinder to yourself and not feel like you’re failing when that might not be the case!

Not Getting Enough Sleep is Health Habit

Not Getting Enough Sleep

If you ate that double stack burger with fries this week, you should also pay attention to your sleep quality and hygiene. If you’re sleep-deprived and your sleep quality is poor, it could be because levels of stress hormones like cortisol go up. This means that fat will break down more efficiently, and muscle will break down less.

Inadequate sleep pushes you in the wrong direction. Yes, cheating on your diet is a bad idea, but so is missing out on your nightly sleep routine. Both events lead to weight gain and frustrating results.

Do you sit all day long?

Sitting is the new smoking, but we’re not sure if it’s worse than smoking. The human body should not be sitting around all day. Too much sitting leads to health problems. Prolonged sitting is unhealthy and can also lead to various health issues, such as poor posture, chronic pain, or constipation. Make sure you make moves designed to improve your mobility when you have some free time at the office!

Are you skipping meals?

Skipping meals has become a popular trend and not a good one. It would help if you either had breakfast or lunch but not both. Fasting is depriving us of much-needed nutrients and energy. When done for a prolonged period, it can cause weight gain instead of loss. People who eat breakfast every day tend to have lower BMIs and better health markers than those who skip this meal.

Too Much and Too Little Sun

While many experts agree that sunshine is essential for humans, we tend to get too much of it, which can be harmful. Sunshine is one of the foundations for good health habits. Experts also think that getting some UV rays can be good for us and even pleasant at times. Not only does sunshine provide us with UV light and vitamin D, but it helps set our circadian rhythm. Without proper sunlight exposure, we’re more prone to insomnia, fatigue, social anxiety, or depression.

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