Marvin Gaye III- Age, Body Measurements, Relationship, Siblings, Education, Career, Net worth

Marvin Gaye III was a singer, musician, and businessman of African descent. “What It Is (to be adored by you)” and “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” are two of his most famous melodies. He was the one who supported Motown Records get started. Marvin Gaye III was best known for his 1982 smash single “Sexual Healing,” which stayed at the top on the Hot Black Singles chart for ten weeks and is widely regarded as the best R&&B effort of the 1980s.

Age, Parents

Marvin Pentz Gay Jr., better known as Marvin Gaye III, was born on April 2, 1939, in Washington, D.C. Marvin Gay Sr. worked as a church service, while his mother, Alberta Gay, worked as a maid. Marvin grew up with his extended family as a result of his mother and father’s extramarital affair. He was raised in a family where his father regularly subjected him and his siblings to physical and enthusiastic violence.

Body Measurements

Marvin was about 6 feet 11 inches tall when he arrived. His hair was dark, and his eyes were brown.


He is married to Wendy Gaye, a friend of his. His pre-marriage ceremony’s date and location have yet to be revealed. His father, Marvin Gaye, has married twice. He married Anna Gordy Gaye for the first time. The couple was married for a long time, from 1963 to 1977. He married Jan Gaye, whom he met after his divorce, in 1977. The couple greeted two children into the world. Their marriage was short-lived since they divorced in 1981. Their divorce was the result of an open marriage, domestic violence, and long-term drug usage.

His brothers and sisters

His two sisters are Nona Gaye and Frankie Gaye. Nona Gaye is the daughter of Marvin Gaye and his second wife, Jan Gaye, and is now a well-known VIP. She is an entertainer in the same way that an entertainer is an entertainer. She has been in television shows such as Law & Order and Criminal Intent. Marvin Gaye and Jan Gaye were Frankie’s guardians when she was born as Nona. Despite this, he is not also recognized as his sister.

Marriages and children of Marvin

Marvin and Anna Gordy signed a contract in June 1963. Following their marriage, the pair went their ways in 1973. After four years of separation, they finally divorced in 1977, and then he married Janis Hunter in October 1977. In February 1981, the couple decided to go their ways. The American artist was a father of three children. Aside from his marriage, there were rumours regarding his business ventures. Gaye was rumoured to have dated his female singing colleagues Mary Wells and Kim Weston around 1960.

Nonetheless, they all rejected the talk about the subject. Tammi Terrell died from a brain tumour in 1970. She was another woman he dated. The performer became sad as a result of this. During the mid-1980s, Gaye also dated Dutch model Eugenie Vis and British aristocrat Lady Edith Foxwell.


Marvin transferred from Syphax Elementary School to Randall Junior High School. He became more serious about singing in middle school and joined the Randall Junior High Glee Club, rising to fame. Marvin attended Spingarn High School for a short time before transferring to Cardozo. He was a part of the Dippers and the D.C. Tones, two Cardozo doo-wop singing groups. Marvin’s father’s behaviour toward him deteriorated as he grew older, and he was unable to deal with it any longer, so he moved out and dropped out of school.

Personal Life, Career

Marvin aspired to be a pilot and enlisted in the United States Air Force at seventeen. Regardless, when he was only given little missions to complete, he became dissatisfied and claimed to be ill to get fired. With the help of a friend, Reese Palmer, he helped form the four-piece vocal group The Marquees. The band then changed its name to ‘Harvey’ and began performing music. They found work as meeting entertainment for a variety of specialists, including Chuck Berry.

Gaye began his career as a performer in 1961, when he released his debut record, ‘Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide.’ His track ‘Stubborn Kind of Fellow’ became his first performance smash in 1962. On the R&B charts, it reached number eight. He released the collection ”We Should Get It On” in 1973, a commercial hit. In the late 1970s, Marvin was going through a divorce when he wrote ‘Here, My Dear,’ a song about his failed marriage to Anna Gordy. In 1982, he released the song ‘Sexual Healing,’ which became a huge hit.

Awards, Nomination

For ‘Sexual Healing,’ he won two Grammy Awards in 1983: Best Male R&B Vocal Performance and Best R&B Instrumental Performance. Gaye won an American Music Award for the song’s melody in the R&B-soul category. He was awarded the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1996 for his imaginative and tasteful contributions to the musical globe.

Net worth

When he died, his net worth was in the negatives. His net worth was $9 million. He bowed out of all financial commitments after his divorce from his first wife, Anna. In support instalments, he owes his better half $600000. To make up for any shortage, he offered her the rights to his record “Here, My Dear.” Despite his efforts to make albums, he was unable to escape his financial difficulties. He had no choice but to submit his song writing prowess to Motown Records. He owed the IRS the majority of his commitment due to unpaid taxes. Following his death, the IRS received almost $1 million every year in eminences caused by his residence. Marvin isn’t the only one who has thrown away all of his money. Several well-known brands have suffered financial losses.


Marvin Gaye III died at 44 age. He was shot by his father while competing soon before his birthday. On the evening of April 1, 1984, he was shot twice. His father was sentenced to a six-year suspension and five years of probation. After that, he spent the rest of his time on earth in nursing facilities before passing away in 1998 at 84.

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