Mass Killing in Highland Park; July Four Celebrations turned Bitter

Acts of Gun Violence continue to ramp up in the United States. The fatal mass shooting in Highland Park, Illinois, which happened at the community’s Fourth of July parade, has caused outrage throughout Chicago and the United States.

Since 1776, July 4th signifies the beginning of American freedom, and celebrations have included everything from fireworks and parades to more laid-back family get-togethers and barbecues. However, all the celebrations went bitter when the news of a gun shooting surfaced.

Authorities are holding Robert “Bobby” E. Crimo III, 22, as a key suspect in the Fourth of July shooting in Highland Park, Illinois.

Till now, six people have died. Five persons died at the scene and were adults. One passed away in the hospital. Twenty-three individuals were transported to hospitals by the Highland Park Fire Department. Five kids also suffered injuries.

Suspect of Highland Park shooting: Robert “Bobby” E. Crimo

The FBI releases the suspect’s details- Robert E. Crimo, a skinny White male who weighs 120 pounds and has neck-length brown hair and brown eyes. The poster also lists his tattoos, including red roses and green leaves on his neck.

Suspect of Highland Park shooting: Robert "Bobby" E. Crimo

Robert E. Crimo, the suspect, posted numerous references to mass shootings and dramatic murders on social media.

Crimo took the stage as the rapper “Awake,” whose most recent music videos featured images of mass killing.

In his most recent YouTube video, Crimo acts in a school shooting. And, Crimo wraps himself in an American flag to signify the conclusion. Another music video presented an animation portraying a man being shot by cops while carrying a long gun and wearing a jersey featuring his YouTube channel’s logo.

Presently, the suspect’s Youtube channel is unavailable on the platform.

According to IMDB, Crimo started posting music online when he was just 11 years old. But his 2016 track “By The Pond,” featuring Atlas, was the one that brought him the most popularity. According to IMDB, Crimo is a “six-foot Hip Hop sensation.”

Highland Park Suspect is under Custody

Several hours after the attack, authorities have taken Robert E. Crimo into custody.

Robert E. Crimo III was driving a silver Honda car in North Chicago. The 22-year-old attempted to leave when an officer sought to “initiate a traffic stop,” according to a briefing given by Highland Park Police Chief Lou Jogmen on Monday night.

Jogmen added the department would investigate to make sure or check for more people’s involvement in this attack. He emphasized that the inquiry is progressing rapidly.

President Biden expressed his condolences

Hours after the incident, President Joe Biden released a statement.

“Jill and I are both saddened by the senseless gun crime that has once again torn a nation apart on Independence Day in States.”

President Biden expressed his condolences

Less than ten days ago, the President of the United States signed a bipartisan gun safety law. The bill, enacted about a month after two additional mass shootings shocked the country, is the first gun reform law passed by Congress in 30 years.

According to research, eleven mass shootings occurred in the first four days of July. The mass shooting on July 4 in Highland Park, Chicago, was the 308th such incident in the US since the year 2022 began. Three mass shootings occurred on July 4 in Virginia, Chicago, and Highland Park.

Ruthless Shooting on the Highland Park Crowd

Due to the parade, police and fire units were already at the event’s location. 

The Incident took place in Highland Park, 41 kilometers north of Chicago, just as the Central Avenue march of participants was getting started.

According to Highland Park Police Cmdr. Chris O’Neill, on the occasion of the July 4 parade, there was a huge gathering. The gunman started a fire at 10:14 a.m. local time. Although the exact number of shots fired is unknown, numerous witnesses claimed to have heard at least 20 rounds.

The crime scene is still in progress, according to O’Neill. People who took refuge in places are being taken to safety by evacuation.

According to Sgt. Christopher Covelli of the Lake County Major Crime Task Force said the attack was “random and purposeful” and that a “high-powered weapon” was used to fire at the procession attendees. Authorities have begun tracing the weapon to determine who bought it and where it came from.

The federal Bureau is currently investigating the shooter, who was on the roof of a building. It seems he allegedly used a ladder secured to the building but attached to an alley to access the top.

What Makes Highland Park Famous?

Northeastern Illinois, Lake County, Highland Park is a Chicago suburb on Lake Michigan, some 25 miles north of the city’s center. Potawatomi Indians were the region’s first community when settlers started to occupy the area in 1834.

The Highland Park Ravinia Park, which opened as an amusement park in 1904, is its main attraction. One of the most renowned music festivals in the nation is held at this park. The city’s primary music festival is the summertime Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Highland Park also has a fine arts center and a community theatre.

Highland Park Apartments are good, making this place primarily residential, yet it also produces paper and plastic goods.

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