The Legend of Zelda- A Fragmented Mountain

Begin the Quest

The link will notice a young child named Zuta wandering around Lurelin Village. Zuta will describe the relics he discovered near Garini, at the Palmorae Ruins, to the east. The link will be directed to the ruins by Zuta, who is only a short distance east of the village. The link will observe Garini here, and when he speaks with him for the first time, the journey to the worship site will begin. Garini is attempting to decipher information shown on the stone monument. However, the landmark has separated into numerous fragments due to a tremor. The interface is tasked with finding the three parts and photographing them with the Camera (Rune). Garini will be compelled to decipher the message in each of the pieces.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s (The Legend of Zelda Palmorae Ruins, east of Lurelin Village in southeast Hyrule’s Faron Tower district, is the starting point for a divided landmark place of worship pilgrimage (which leads to the Kah Yah sanctuary). You can enlist the help of the guides in the display above to locate it, or you can begin your journey through Lurelin Village on your own. Locate Zuta, a young man wandering around, and address him. He’ll whisk you away to the beginning of the sanctuary journey. Garini, a man on the lookout for three pieces, can be found among the ruins on the beach. They’ve entirely dissipated in the surrounding area (however, one takes a climb to find).

How to Find the Fragments

As Garini mentioned, the parts are easier to find in the evening, so build a fire and relax till the evening, providing you like it. If you’re only looking for the locations, have a peek at the graphic above. Here are the part areas, presuming you’re into text:

  • The first fragment is east of Garini, hidden behind palm trees near the seashore.
  • The following fragment is located in the water, west of Garini, right past a few boxes and barrels.
  • The third fragment is situated near a palm tree near the end of the wavy promontory.

Return to Garini after observing each part and taking a snapshot with your Sheikah record. The next step is to walk to one of the circular stages and stoop. Garini will do the same, and the Kah Yah sacred site will appear.

The Legend of Zelda

Kah Yah Shrine

Take one of the barrels from the left half of the room and place it on the moving stage. Drop the barrel and duck down after passing the first divider to go past the second divider. Then seize the barrel and drop it on the floor switch toward the far end of the room. To obtain a Small Key, rush over to the money box and open it. A discretionary money box with a Knight’s Claymore is located on the opposite side of the room. The riddle is similar to the one on the other side of the room. However, the link must use an Arrow to activate the switch, which raises and lowers the entryways. Drop the barrel on the change as you near the end of the trip.

(Alternatively, you can transport a barrel by bouncing the stage to one side, trusting that the set will spin through, and then hopping back on the scene.) This does not imply that you should time the end of a bolt at the switch.) Use the minor key to open the locked door. Then, at the raised location, speak with Kah Yah to obtain a Spirit Orb.

How to Solve Kah Yah Shrine and Find Its Treasure

  1. Stroll up the left incline, grab a barrel, and place it on the rolling stage’s left side. This will allow you (and the barrel) to avoid the first obstruction on the right and prepare you for the next deterrent.
  2. When the stage begins to move, err on the side of caution and avoid the second deterrent in your path.
  3. The second time you addressed the problem, you needed to squat to avoid it, grab the barrel, then travel to the right half of the stage to prevent the third impediment.
  4. Place the barrel on the strain plate when the moving scene has reached its destination. This will reveal an entrance near where you first walked onto the rolling stand.
  5. Return to where you left on the moving backdrop and enter the room to open a money box with the minor key. You could now go, but you’d miss the second money box if you did.
  6. Observe a barrel on the moving stage as you walk up the correct location.
  7. Get your bow and bolt ready.
  8. Soon after the two parts, shoot the switch to your right side. This will unlock the door.
  9. Pivot as quickly as possible.
  10. Once more, press the button. This will allow you to enter through a different door.
  11. Place the barrel on the tension plate and tighten it. This will open a door near where you bought your barrels.
  12. Backtrack to the right incline (bounce off the stage to recover your valuable bolts).
  13. Open the money box at the recently opened doorway for a Royal Claymore Long Throw.
  14. Follow the moderate incline to the exit, use the minor key to unlock the door, and meet Kah Yah for your spirit orb.

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