How much does TJ Maxx pay?

How much does TJ Maxx pay?. 

The median starting salary for entry-level positions at TJ Maxx is $10.15-$11.25 per hour. The exception is the Loss Prevention Associate, who starts around $14 to $14.50 per hour.

That is hardly a living wage, but, as I mentioned in another post regarding the TJ Maxxs hiring process, there are other things to consider. These include great benefits once you have worked a year at a full-time job and a chance to move up in the company to a managerial role in 1-2 years. 

Most TJ Maxx stores will let you work a minimum of 30 hours per week as long as you work full-time. Depending on the store and location, you are considered full-time if you are working 30-40 hours per week. Whenever there is overtime available, you need a supervisor’s approval. Some stores permit plenty of overtime, and others do not.   

How Much Does TJ Maxx Pay Part-Time Employees?

 TJ Maxx pays about the same starting salary for its part-time employees as its full-time employees.  

Your performance and dependability are the tricks to getting hired as a full-time worker. If you are a worker who sometimes calls out sick or comes in late, your future does not look so bright as far as getting a full-time position.   

This company is always looking for top employees that are reliable and trustworthy. These are those who are promoted into permanent positions in the shortest period.   

You can expect to work as little as 29 hours per week as a part-timer. Work hours typically range from anywhere from 10-25 hours per week. That is not to say a part-timer cannot put in as many as 40 hours in any given week. It just depends on what staffing issues are in place in a shop.    

The hourly average for merchandise associates is $11.25 per hour. That works out to $450 per week, assuming you are working 40 hours per week. It also translates into $23,400 in wages annually. Keep in mind, for holidays, you also get paid an hour-and-a-half.    

Also, you might be given some overtime hours here and there, which would increase your pay up to the possible $25,000 per year number. This job has the highest stress out of all of TJ Maxx’s positions, with an average salary of about $11.60 an hour. This means that you could earn $464 a week and earn $24,128 in annual pay before overtime pay or pay for a time-and-a-half. 

TJ Maxx

Some employees reported the pay was not sufficient for what they were doing. However, other employees say that the job is the surest way to quickly advance into an assistant manager position and perhaps beyond. The average salary for loss prevention assistants is $14.70 per hour.    

This number is typically reached after two years of TJ Maxx work experience. This equals $588 per week, with annual pay of $30,576. You can expect to earn about $51,400 per year in this salary role. This job requires extensive experience in the field, and a bachelor’s degree is preferred.  

Employees who have worked in this role said that you will frequently travel between stores. This will enable you to fulfil your duties, including interviewing other employees, questioning them occasionally, training employees, and giving testimony in court cases. The TJ Maxx Assistant Manager’s salary may vary from $49,300-$77,200 per year. Typically, a member in this role makes about $55,490 a year.    

This salary is higher than the average in retail. Keep in mind that TJ Maxx likes to hire associate managers from within. So, if you show up on the floor at entry level with a great attitude and impress management throughout the area, you could land this role quickly. The average salary for a TJ Maxx store manager is about $76,800 a year. This is higher than the average pay for store managers in the retail industry.    

As you can see, an entry-level position at TJ Maxx may just get you an average salary, but if you rise through the ranks into management, you could start seeing a bigger payoff. Plenty of store managers started out in entry-level positions and rose up the ranks into a store manager position in 5-7 years. Imagine starting at $10.50 per hour, then within 5 to 7 short years, nearly quadrupling that number!.   

How Much Does a TJ Maxx Warehouse Pay Its Workers?

The median wage of the most common starting warehouse associate positions is about $13.50 per hour. This is slightly lower than the average for this type of job.   

Does TJ Maxx pay every week?

Yes, TJ Maxx delivers employees every week. This is significant when making low amounts of money in your weekly pay. Entry-level workers making just $10 per hour would see this as a significant advantage, making it much easier to handle bills.  

How frequently does this company provide raises?

 TJ Maxx will give you raises yearly, depending on your performance. It is not unusual to see well-performing employees get raises after only 6 months. The raise is typically in the 2-3% range. So, for example, if the employee starts out making $10.50 per hour, that first 3 per cent raise will amount to about.32 cents, making that hourly pay $10.82 per hour. 

TJ MAXX Hourly Wages

TJ Maxx pays its staff an hourly wage of $12.20 on average. TJ Maxx Inc’s hourly pay ranges from $9.79 to $17.28 per hour on average. TJ Maxx Inc staff members with the job role Assistant Store Manager earn the highest with an hourly basis of $20.78, however Sales Associate earns the least with an hourly rate of $10.85.


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