Wifi Extender vs Booster – Who is Better and Why?

Having a weak wifi signal in your home or office could be very uncomfortable. It can cause hindrances in all your online stuff. However, you can increase the strength of your wifi by placing it in the right corner of the room. Also, to increase the strength, you can use the right antenna and router as per the speed requirement. There are new technologies in the market by which you can increase the range of wifi signals. In the following blog, we will compare wifi extender vs booster and understand how it can be advantageous for wifi strength.

Wifi Extender vs Booster – What is the Difference?

Wifi Extender vs Booster - What is the Difference

In your home, walls, furniture, and appliances all act as signal blockers. They weaken the signal.  A wifi booster provides a stronger signal that can pass through or around these obstructions. A WiFi Booster hooked into a power supply can boost a signal to make it more helpful. Its purpose is to take the signal that your router sends out and transform it into a stronger signal that can be transmitted to a local area. Moreover, the signal produced by the router can be amplified up to 32 times by a good booster.

On the other hand, a WiFi extender is a gadget that uses your router’s wireless signal to replicate it in another location. It increases the signal’s range of reception.

So, on comparing the wifi extender vs booster, it is understandable that the extender increases the range, whereas the booster increases the strength of the signal.

Wifi Extender vs Booster – Working

WiFi boosters operate by taking an already existing signal from a router and amplifying it to a large area. The booster transmits the signal as an additional wireless signal.

Signals from boosters are typically stronger and more dependable than those that are broadcast from your standard router. If you want to achieve maximum strength, plug your booster into a convenient location in your house. The booster collects the signal from the router.

On the other hand, a wifi extender broadcasts the signal you receive again and again. It might be challenging for WiFi signals to go around corners, through walls, or to a different floor. You may access the internet wherever you want in your home by strategically placing a WiFi extender between your WiFi router and the dead spot. Thus, it acts as a bridge and allows the signals to reach from one corner to the other. 

Wifi Extender vs Booster – Comparison Chart

 Wifi BoosterWifi Extender
PurposeIt is a device that increases the strength of the wifi signal.It is a device that amplifies the range of the wifi signals.
InstallationIt is already present in the booster.An extender working as a network bridge should be placed at several gaps to extend the range of the network.
Receiver AntennaIt functions as an antenna.It does not work as an antenna.
BenefitsUsed in places where the signals are weak.Used for places where wifi signals do not reach.
CostThese are less costly.These are more costly compared to the booster.
SpeedIt offers more speed and provides support to more number of devices.The speed is slow.

Are Wifi Extender and Booster Hackable?

Having a secure connection is also a priority for every user. However, your network does have some weaknesses brought on by a wireless connection. Thus, using the most recent security software is crucial, just like routers and your personal computer. Hackers are working nonstop to steal your data.

Are Wifi Extender and Booster Hackable

Boosters are made only to cover a small region. The strength of the signal often decreases as it moves away from the booster. So it reduces the risk of hacking. However, you should regularly check the wifi settings and create strong passwords.

On comparing Wifi extenders vs. boosters, Hackers don’t need to be close to the extender’s Wi-Fi signal to your wifi. They can discover your device’s IP address putting your Internet of Things (IoT) devices at risk. Therefore, they can access your wifi extender remotely by sending a malicious HTTP request to the extender, giving them access.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, Wifi Booster vs an Extender?

Wi-Fi boosters provide higher speeds and support more devices concurrently than extenders do.

Is a WiFi extender worthwhile purchasing?

In actuality, WiFi extenders increase the range. However, several factors, including the speed of the internet connection entering your home, the distance from your router, and the usage, limit their efficiency.

Does a WiFi extender affect the speed of the Internet?

No, a Wifi extender doesn’t affect the speed of the internet. It just expands the range of the signal.

Can a Wi-Fi extender outperform a router in speed?

Despite this, WiFi extenders will always operate more slowly than the router itself. The reason for this is that the wifi extender must divide its bandwidth between communicating with the router and communicating with clients.

Do WiFi boosters support hotspots?

WiFi boosters increase a WiFi hotspot’s coverage or range. A hotspot cell signal booster will boost the signal entering your hotspot and improve its functionality. Reaching regions of your house that the hotspot does not completely cover is a smart choice.

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