What is fast Pay in DoorDash, and how does it work?

 When driving for DoorDash, you have the perfect opportunity to make some extra cash while setting your own flexible schedule, earning tips, and enjoying all the benefits of being an independent contractor. However, you might have wondered if there is a way to receive your paychecks quicker than a standard direct deposit. After all, things happen, and sometimes you need money faster than your scheduled paycheck.   In July 2018, DoorDash introduced Quick Pay, allowing drivers to get paid immediately.   

This post will explore how the Fast Pay program works and how you can set it up. We will also answer some of the common questions Dasher has about using Fast Pay. Fast Pay solves the issue plaguing workers since the dawn of time: How do you close the gap between getting paid and needing the money. It would be nice if your paychecks were aligned with when you have bills to pay, but it is not always that way.  

Traditionally, you had to resort to exploitative payday loan companies that charged steep fees and interest rates in return for an upfront payment. Nowadays, though, there are better options. Delivery companies such as DoorDash have recognized they can provide excellent services for their contractors by offering their own forms of earned advances (without astronomical interest rates). That is not to say DoorDash is altruistic by offering fast payments to drivers.  

They actually charge $1.99 per service. However, this fee is tiny compared to the prices of the interest rates and payday loan companies. When you use Fast Pay, DoorDash transfers your earnings immediately. This is far faster than the standard payout schedule, where payments are sent out after midnight PST every Sunday. Even with that regular schedule, it may take several days before funds are available in your bank account.   

Knowing that you can understand just how much faster Fast Pay is (and why DoorDash charges the fee). 

 Setting up your Fast Pay is easy. As long as you follow these requirements, you are eligible to use Fast Pay.    

  • Visit your app’s earnings section and tap on the Set-Up Fast Pay banner.
  •  Make sure that Direct Deposit is linked to your personal bank account, then tap on Set Up Fast Pay again.    
  • From there, enter your debit card claim details.   
  • You should be able to use Fast Pay once you are signed up. You can access Fast Pay under “earnings” in the DoorDash app. 
  • To move your earnings, tap on the Use Fast Pay banner.   
  • Now that you know what Fast Pay is and how to use it let us look at some of the common questions Dasher has about the feature. 
  • Since DoorDash launched this way back in July 2018, it is understandable that there are a few questions about this.

 When will Fast Pay funds to become available in my bank account?.

DoorDash transfers money instantaneously, but it takes time to show up in your bank account, depending on how fast your bank processes incoming payments. It can take several days for funds to become fully available in your debit card account. Your bank may place a hold to verify the transaction, especially if it is your first time using Fast Pay.    

How do I know when my Fast Pay funds are transferred?

 For every completed Fast Pay transaction, DoorDash will email a confirmation. This email will display the transfer amount and the time when it occurred.    

Where is Fast Pay Available?

 Fast Pay is available for all dashers across the United States that fit the requirements outlined in our last section. There are no restrictions for applying to Fast Pay, depending on your city.    

Can I use a prepaid or a credit card for Fast Pay?

 You need to have a debit card account to use Fast Pay. Other types of cards are not eligible for the program.    

How often can I use Fast Pay to cash in on my earnings?

 You can cash out up to once a day, whenever you want (even at weekends).    

However, be aware that some banks restrict the number of debit card transactions a day for security reasons. If you have many other transactions during the day, Fast Pay might not work.    

This is nothing to do with DoorDash, so make sure you talk with your bank if you are having issues receiving your Fast Pay transfers.

 Can I cancel my Fast Pay transfers?.  

As soon as you start the transfer, it will go through. So, make sure that you want to transfer the earnings before doing it.    

Why is my Available Balance at $0?

 Any earnings you have not transferred by Sunday, 11:59:59 PM (PST) will be placed in your checking account using the regular weekly payments. This will become available on your bank account 2-3 business days later.  

Do other meal delivery apps offer services like Fast Pay?

Currently, other food delivery services like Grubhub, Postmates, and Instacart do not provide instant payments to drivers. Uber Eats does offer instant expenses (just like payments to Uber rides). Caviar also offers Instant Pay using Cash App.  

How can I get help for issues related to fast payments?

 For assistance with Fast Pay (and any other questions related to working with DoorDash), you should contact the Driver Support team at DoorDash. Now that you have read this tutorial, you should know how Fast Pay works on DoorDash and how you can get started using it.  

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