How much are employees paid at Wingstop?

Wingstop recruits many employees from college campuses and other places that see potential employees for their business. The culture of this company encourages their employees to grow in their roles, which brings with it a higher level of professionalism and work ethic. 

How much does Wingstop pay its employees starting wages, and what does it deliver its veteran employees. Are there any raises in salary?

How much is Wingstop’s starting salary?.

 Almost all Wingstop locations are owned by franchisees, and each owner is responsible for determining the fair market starting salary.    

The typical starting wage for an entry-level Wingstop employee is $11 per hour unless you are located in a state or city with a higher minimum wage. Also sometimes called a Crew Member, Wingstop’s hourly pay for this position is $11.17 per hour on average. This means you would earn a median salary of $446 per week, with an annual salary of $23,233.     

The job duties of the Wingstop crew are to keep the restaurant looking excellent and clean, take orders, and cook the food. They are also expected to interact with customers and answer any questions.   

Wingstop Shift Leader Pay

A shift manager makes on average $13.35 per hour. That equals about $534 per week, with the potential for annual pay of $27,768 or more.    

The Wingstop shift manager is responsible for daily operations at the store and works a designated shift each day. The primary duty is to provide first-line service, which includes greeting customers, taking orders, cooking meals, and preparing and serving beverages. 

An employee in this role should be reliable and willing to work at all hours. This role requires excellent communication skills because they are dealing with customers.    

Wingstop Cook Pay

A cook in this fast-casual restaurant would make $11.78 per hour on average. That allows those workers to make around $471 per week and $24,502 annually.    

As a chef at Wingstop, you are expected to work in fast-paced environments. You need to be able to multitask and think on your feet. Your duties in this role will also include cooking, maintaining the restaurant’s cleanliness, and performing fast-paced preparation tasks for orders.    

Wingstop Manager Salary

The average assistant manager at Wingstop makes around $14.65 per hour. So, you could earn about $586 per week and $30,472 per year.    

This position will require that you handle all of the general administration for the restaurant. You will assist with various tasks, such as serving customers, taking care of employees, mentoring them, and supervising operations at your location. The Wingstop manager has a variety of functions, such as keeping up with sales, marketing, and advertising for the business.  

Does Wingstop pay weekly?


Wingstop pays twice weekly at most locations, but it also pays weekly at some others. Some areas are reported to pay bi-weekly, like the fifth and twentieth days.  

So, check with the hiring manager to see what you can expect. The pay period usually starts on Sunday and ends the following Saturday for people that are paid twice weekly. Then, you are paid for the days worked in this prior pay period on the following Friday after that pay period ends.    

Wingstop Pay Raises

While some employees said that after working for six months, others said they did not receive a pay increase at all, even after working for two years. Most of these restaurants are owned by franchisees, and those owners are usually pretty stingy about giving raises since they are trying to make as much profit as possible for their companies.  

Be aware this puts you in the position where you have to periodically request raises for you to remain on the radar of your manager. Otherwise, they are likely to forget about you and will not give you a raise.    

Full-time employees should get 32 to 40 hours a week. Sometimes, management will ask that you stay and work extra hours on some days. Typically, if you are part-time, you will be working between 20 to 31 hours per week. However, do not be surprised if, on some weeks, you will find yourself working more than 40 hours covering shifts for other workers. 

Wingstop Hourly Pay

Wingstop’s hourly pay ranges from $8.73 to $17.10 per hour on average. Workers at Wingstop with the job role General Manager, Restaurant make the most at an hourly basis of $14.79, while staff members with the title of Checkout operator make the least with an hourly rate of $10.05.

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