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Depending on the service that animal offers, Spirit Airlines pet policy has different rules about animals on board. Spirit Airlines accepts service animals, emotional support animals (ESAs), psychiatric support animals (PSAs), and common pets. However, each kind of animal has certain policies that Should follow.

This year, if your pet is up for an actual adventure. It can look like a terrific idea to board a plane and fly out to uncharted territory. Even if airlines are getting pet-friendly, planning your trip according to the airline’s rules might go more smoothly.

Let’s first discuss the distinction between service animals and emotional support for animals. Before we go into the intricacies of Spirit Airlines pet regulations.

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Spirit Airlines Pet Policy

Domestic flights at Spirit Airlines are pet-friendly and welcome domestic dogs, cats, small domestic rabbits, and small house birds. International flights DO not permit animals, and flights to Puerto Rico. And the US Virgin Islands Do not permit birds or rabbits. The cost of bringing a pet on an airline aircraft is $110 per pet container or $220 for round-way travel.

One carrier is eligible per passenger, and Spirit Airlines pet policy charges $110 for each additional carrier. Pets may travel in the cabin of an airplane in a carrier that is no larger than 18 X 14 X 9 inches. And no heavier than 40 pounds beneath the seat in front of the passenger transporting the animal. Pets must travel in carriers the whole time unless they are service animals.

What Separates Service Animals from a Pet and ESA?

What’s the spirit Airlines pet policy?

Most service animals have been properly taught to carry out difficult duties even when threatened. Service animals are typically utilise as a comfort, even if they don’t always train for that reason. They serve their purpose by just being there and giving their owners the sense of security and comfort they deserve.

Service animals are usually expected to carry out tasks for their owners that would be challenging. Or impossible for them to complete alone. Service animals trained to assist a person with a visual loss would warn their handler. If the person was about to off the sidewalk. Pets are distinct from the aforementioned in that they offer no particular usefulness. And are not legally or medically acknowledged as a person’s indispensable companion.

Important guidelines while traveling with your pet

  • Except for passengers flying to the US Virgin Islands. Spirit Airlines pet policy does not need a health certificate for dogs flying in the cabin with paying passengers.
  • Pets going to Puerto Rico in the airplane cabin with passengers must have a rabies vaccination certificate. According to Spirit Airlines.
  • Only small domestic pets, cats, house birds, and domestic rabbits are permitted on Spirit flights.
  • Puerto Rico and the USVI do not allow birds to travel to or from their cities.
  • Snakes, spiders, rats, and other exotic pets won’t be welcomed.
  • There can be a maximum of 2 pets per container. However, only one container can be used for each visitor.
  • Animals must be able to stand erect and move about in the container without difficulty.
  • For the length of the flight, animals must stay in the carrier.
  • The animal must be fully weaned and at least eight weeks old.
  • The pet must remain unharmful, uninhibited, unscented, and independent during the travel.
  • The animal will be taken away if it acts aggressively or creates a nuisance before passing the gate.
  • The animal can’t be unwell, aggressive, or in pain.
  • Although not essential, advance notification is advised.
  • With the exception of the first row and the rows closest to the emergency exits. You are free to sit wherever you choose.
  • The pet and carrier cannot weigh more than 40 pounds together (18.14 kg).

Policy on Service Animals at Spirit Airlines

Service animals must fly with their owners in accordance with federal standards. A service animal harness, vest, registration, or ID card are not the only proof that the animal is a trained assistance animal, according to Spirit Airlines pet policy. The airline asserts the right to refuse passage to animals if they behave differently than they feel service animals should.

Advice for Taking Animals on Vacation

Advice for Taking Animals on Vacation

Before reserving any flights or other forms of transportation, do your research. Getting written confirmation and signed documentation will go a long way toward making the procedure of travelling with an animal go more smoothly. Many businesses have tightened up their documentation requirements as a result of recent attempts to abuse the laws governing service animals.

Print out all the documentation and have it with you at all times if the police arrises any questions. When you have followed all the correct procedures, bear in mind that the law is on your side. However, keep in mind that humans are imperfect and may not completely comprehend the circumstances at hand.

Even in the face of illiteracy or blatant hatred, it’s crucial to maintain composure and civility. According to spirit airlines pet policy, making sure you and your pet are always safe is the most crucial thing. Make sure you are completely aware of any rules, legislation, or policies pertaining to the transportation of your animal. Never put your pet in a closed compartment or cargo area.

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