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Coco Bongo has a unique show programme, a stunning music mix and the latest in audio and video entertainment, including giant video screens, soap bubbles, balloons, confetti. Ribbons, etc. Its tiered seating allows every audience member to enjoy every show and performance anywhere in the world. Get ready for flying acrobats, bar conga stages, footage projected onto high-tech video screens, live bands and DJs who will pump up adrenaline and energy levels as the night progresses.    

How big is Coco Bongo?

Coco Bongo has been acclaimed by Rolling Stone, MTV, CNN, Billboard Magazine, and more. Coco Bongo opened 5 years ago; around the same time, it became one of the most popular bars in Mexico, offering what many consider the best fresh concepts and music in Mexico. Coco Bongo takes its name from actor Jim Carrey’s famous film The MASK, which describes Coco Bongo as the best bar in town, where Cream of Cream gathers for the perfect evening. You can find Coco Bongo in Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Punta Cana.   

This party includes fantastic things that will surprise you in one night: spectacular acrobats in the air, impressive music tributes and a party atmosphere. Luckily Coco Bongo doesn’t have a dress code. So if you visit it, you can wear whatever dress you prefer.    

In Cancun, the best option is a classy dress as there are so many people inside, music, shows and dancing to enjoy in comfort. Children are not allowed in Coco Bongo; even under supervision, admission is granted to persons over 18 years of age, always presenting an official identity document.    

Offers special holiday parties, invite your family and friends and don’t miss the chance to enjoy the opportunity of a super fun nightclub filled with famous actors, entertainment, variety shows and unique decor inside and outside of each place. At Coco Bongo, you will enjoy a wonderful evening of dancers and acrobats imitating famous artists and films. Get ready to hear Beyonce, the legendary songs of Michael Jackson, the amazing stunts of Spider-Man, the adrenaline of Usher and the sound of the Beatles, just to name a few.    

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You will meet the funniest and cutest staff who will pamper you in the open bar. You know why Billboard, ABC News, Rolling Stone, MTV, Playboy and Discovery Channel recommend this to all travellers when they visit Cancun, Mexico’s No. 1 destination. Coco Bongo Gold Membership is a premium offering that offers show admission, unlimited premium drinks, skip-the-line and the ability to gain personal attention with in-house reserved seating. Coco Bongo Regular offers shows, express and direct entry, and all-you-can-drink.   

If you are visiting Monday to Friday, Click here; if you are seeing the weekend, click here. The duration of the excursion is about 5 hours of pleasure. It accommodates 1800 people to enter this kaleidoscopic world. Show Source Texts

All types of drugs are prohibited in Coco Bongo. It is available every day. If you have visited Coco Bongo or would like to share your opinion, please leave a comment below! Show Source Texts


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